Prior to entering college, I used to have Chobani Flips for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. There was something about the dessert-like flavors and the protein-rich Greek yogurt that had me obsessed. Unfortunately, since entering college, I haven't really had the opportunity to eat Chobani, since I am on my school's meal plan.

Well, luckily, I was reunited with the love of my life. Chobani sent me some of their new flavors plus a new product to test out, since they know just how in love I am with them.

I made it my mission to eat Chobani for breakfast every day as a part of a "cleanse" that I was doing to prepare for Northwestern's spring quarter.

Day 1: Vanilla Chobani Drink

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Jeanne Paulino

My challenge began on a Saturday, the day after I had ~gone out.~ Needless to say, my stomach was unsettled. Plus, I had to get up early to work out and board a bus to go into downtown Chicago, so I needed something quick and light.

Chobani's new protein drink hit the spot. These drinkable Greek yogurt bottles are portable and filling. Packed with 14 grams of protein, this is a great post work-out snack. Because I was going to eat lunch 2.5 hours after, I just drank the Drink Chobani, which satiated me for that period of time.

Out of all the flavors, the vanilla Drink Chobani is the most versatile. I can see this being eaten with a granola bar for a well-balanced breakfast or blended with some fruit for a smoothie.

Beginning the day with protein was definitely beneficial, seeing that I struggle with my protein and iron intake. I felt more energized and satisfied, without cravings to binge or snack.

Day 2: Pistachio Paradise Chobani Flip

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Jeanne Paulino

Thankfully, the next day, I had more time to recover and spend time for myself. I used this day as an opportunity to unwind and have a quality breakfast, which consisted of a banana, some fruit cocktail, and my first Chobani Flip since August, Pistachio Paradise.

I have a confession to make: I've never had a pistachio. I'm going to make sure to change this. The pistachio flip was creamy and rich, with generous servings of crunchy pistachios to give it some extra flavor. The cranberries added some much-needed tartness and freshness. 

Day 3: Cinnamon Bun Fun Chobani Flip

dairy product, yogurt, milk, cream
Jeanne Paulino

I woke up the next morning craving something sweet. And I mean sweet. I have a sugar addiction that's kind of unhealthy at this point, so I do my best to choose healthier alternatives. 

I thought that the Cinnamon Bun Fun flavor would be my best shot at counteracting my cravings. If you like cinnamon, this flavor is for you. The yogurt itself is infused with specks, and the toppings include bits of cinnamon bun, caramel, and cinnamon roasted pecans. I absolutely loved it, since it was both sweet and a little bit spicy. 

Day 4: Piña Colada Drink Chobani

Jeanne Paulino

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a 9:30 a.m. class, and I can't be bothered to go to the dining hall in risk of arriving late. Drink Chobani practically saved my life.

Paired with a piece of fruit, it's an amazing light yet filling option to hold me over until my break at 12 p.m. This day, I opted for the Pineapple Coconut flavor. Although I personally am not the biggest fan of coconut, it tasted exactly like a Piña Colada, so I was not complaining one bit.

Day 5: S'mores Chobani Flip

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Jeanne Paulino

To reward myself for an intense cardio session, I decided to try out the flip I was most excited about: S'mores. I personally believe that s'mores are one of the best desserts, since it's made out of the holy trinity: gooey marshmallow, melted chocolate and crispy graham cracker. I had very high expectations of this flip.

And oh, how those expectations were met. Although lacking marshmallows (which I understood, given it's supposed to be a healthy version of s'mores, and not laden with all the sugar that traditional ones have), the chocolate and graham cracker certainly delivered. Every spoonful was met with a satisfying crunch of the cracker, mingling with the rich chocolate and sweet vanilla yogurt. Out of all the flavors, this is the one everyone needs to try.

Day 6: Lemon-Lime Drink Chobani

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Jeanne Paulino

I had to work on a paper in the library this day, so I needed something portable. I grabbed one of the drinks in my fridge and a banana before running out of my room.

On the way to the library, I sipped on it, and I was greeted with a tangy yet sweet treat. Surprised, I looked down at the bottle to discover that it was lemon lime.

Lemon lime yogurt does not sound like it should work, but it totally did. Imagine the world's creamiest key lime pie, with a hint of vanilla to cut the sour notes; now imagine that in an easy-to-digest drink. That's exactly how this flavor tasted. I will be repurchasing this one in the future. It's that good.

Day 7: Peach Drink Chobani

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Jeanne Paulino

Once again running late, but this time for an event for my sorority, I did not have time to run to the dining hall and have a traditional meal, so I reached over for my last Drink Chobani, which happened to be peach.

Peaches are one of those fruits that I do not eat often enough, but when I have them, I always remember how delicious they are. This drink reminded me of the last peach I had. I reminisced the summertime and the sunshine, despite the thirty-four degree weather outside. To get a bit of warmth in your life, check out the this flavor.

Day 8: Coffee Brownie Bliss Chobani Flip 

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Jeanne Paulino

I was almost done, and at this point I wasn't necessarily growing tired of Chobani (that would be impossible), but it was getting a little bit predictable. I needed something to shock my system, and that's where the Coffee Brownie Bliss Flip came in.

Since I am more of a tea person, whenever I taste coffee, I almost immediately cringe at the bitterness. This flip was perfect for people that me who have not acquired the taste for coffee; mixed with biscotti cookies and chocolate, the flip was like a sweetened iced mocha, except with (mostly natural) sugars. I didn't even need to take a nap later that day; the caffeine pulled me over, and I went about my business, alert and energized.

Day 9: Carrot Cake Creation Chobani Flip

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Jeanne Paulino

The final day had come, and I had saved the one I had the most reservations about: Carrot Cake Creation. I am an adamant anti-carrot cake person; I do not believe there is any place for vegetables in desserts. Plus, I just don't like carrots. Needless to say, I had pretty low expectations about this flavor.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much it, though. Chobani did well in making this flip taste like a creamy yogurt to satisfy a midday sweet tooth. With pieces of cinnamon cake (mmm), walnuts (yum), and white chocolate (!!!), the combination made the pieces of carrot infused in the yogurt taste like a treat. Although it was not my favorite, I suggest giving it a shot; you might change your mind about, or reaffirm your love for, carrot cake.

Now that my stock of Chobani is empty, I am going through withdrawals. They are a staple for every college student; packed with protein, they will keep you full throughout the day. More importantly, they are affordable and available across grocery stores in so many variations, so you'll surely find one product (or several) that you can rely on. I know I have.