Whether we’d like to admit it or not, finals time has come, and now we must face the endless hours of cubicle hell, all-nighters and cramming until you just can’t cram no more. What’s the one thing that can make this process a little better? Well, food, naturally. These healthy mini-meals will fulfill the three criteria necessary for the perfect library snack: quiet, satisfying and portable.

Peanut butter, crackers, bananas:

Jif to Go cups are an absolute life savior (not to mention adorable…the cutest way I’ve ever eaten peanut butter). When you’re on the run, grab a couple of these to snack on with Ritz Crackers and fresh fruit. Try bananas, a great source of potassium (806 mg), calcium (11.3 mg), and protein (2.5 g).

Homemade trail mix, Naked smoothie on the side:

Photo by Parisa Soraya

Throw together your favorites, like roasted almonds, M&Ms, Craisins, Chex cereal, walnuts, granola and banana chips, and pair with a Naked Juice. The smoothies range from 100 to 200 calories and fulfill the necessary nutrients your body craves during finals week. Try Orange Mango, Acai Machine or Green Machine.

Protein bars:

Photo by Parisa Soraya

Protein bars provide convenient fuel and are insanely portable. Go for Cliff bars if you’re into chocolate and Nutri-Grain bars if you prefer fruit.

Air-popped popcorn, sliced apples:

Photo by Parisa Soraya

To make fresh popcorn, take about 1/3 cup of popcorn seeds and put them into a brown paper bag, folded over, and microwave for about 2 minutes. Dash with salt, and bring a sliced apple (biting into one whole can be extra loud) for a sweet-and-salty fix. Go for Fiji, Suncrisp or Granny Smith apples, which are in season during the early winter months. Tip: sprinkle lemon juice on the slices to keep them from turning brown.

Pita chips and hummus, string cheese:
Katherine McKinley - Finals Snacks - Parisa Soraya
This snack is incredibly easy to transport — just buy the small Sabra hummus containers and a bag of Stacy’s Pita chips and enjoy. Add Sargento’s low-fat Mozzarella String Cheese at just 50 calories and 2.5 grams of fat for a more filling snack.

There you have it — now snack away (and don’t forget to study, also).