If celebrities were to be different kinds of teas, what would they be? Here are ten awesome “CelebriTeas” that you absolutely have to try.

1. Beyoncé: Assam tea

Courtesy of mirror.com.uk

Beyoncé is nothing less than a bold and daring artist, she is the Queen after all. It only makes sense that Assam tea, well known for its body (uhm, hello, do we need to spell it out for you?) and powerful flavors (malty) would be the tea to represent her.

2. Robert Downey Jr.: Red velvet chocolate tea

Courtesy of therichest.com

Red velvet chocolate tea is a fun, unique flavor that represents Robert Downey Jr. marvelously well. It blends rooibos leaves (a nutty flavor), chocolate (a sweet flavor) and beetroot to create the uncanny taste of red velvet cake. It doesn’t hurt that it brews into a bright red color, denoting a certain role that Robert Downey Jr. is famous for…

3. Meryl Streep: Earl Grey tea

Courtesy of altfg.com

Ah Meryl. She is best known as one of the classiest (and most talented) actresses of our time, so this top-of-the-tier classy tea is a perfect representation. With its refined smoky flavor and hints of orange, Earl Grey is as much of an icon as Meryl herself.

4. Ryan Gosling: Vanilla black tea

Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

A great, comforting vanilla black tea represents Ryan’s calmer (and dreamy) side, while at the same time giving an enjoyable, rich flavor. Always leaving an impression, vanilla bean is best served hot. Ahem…

5. Scarlett Johansson: Masala Chai

Courtesy of tgdally.com

Because Scarlett Johansson was voted sexiest woman alive in 2013 by Esquire magazine, she deserves a sexy, spicy tea. Masala Chai, known for its spicy flavors of cardamom and ginger, exemplifies her status and popularity.

6. Matt Damon: Peach tea

Courtesy of altfg.com

An all-around good tea for an all-around good guy. Peach, just like Matt Damon, works well with everyone (black tea, green tea, white tea)… well maybe not everyone (we’re looking at you Jimmy Kimmel).

7. Anne Hathaway: Green tea

Courtesy of reannehathaway.blogspot.com

Away with ‘Hate the Hath’. Anne Hathaway is always smiling and constantly has a great attitude, all while having a refreshing outlook. Green tea, known for its light, invigorating flavor, incorporates this feature of her personality brilliantly.

8. Justin Timberlake: Peppermint tea

Courtesy of thatgrapejuice.net

Peppermint tea helps the drinker stay focused on the task at hand. Likewise, Justin Timberlake is an incredibly motivated and focused performer with a shining career, always serving up a refreshing take on music.

9. Carrie Underwood: Oolong tea

Courtesy of kkaj.com

Oolong tea is produced by an artisan who knows just the right way to process the tea before it is perfect… does that remind anyone else of American Idol? Oolong tea can be blended with all types of different flavors, from strawberry, representing Underwood’s sweet and cheerful personality, to a spiced orange covering her quite literal spicy side.