We shouldn’t complain. Boone is filled with a variety of wonderful restaurants that are privately owned and offer locally grown foods. However, a few restaurants Boone residents (AKA college students) can’t help but wish certain places were nearby. So, I conducted a small survey to find out which restaurants Boonies would like to see the most.

1. Moe's/Qdoba

These two were some of the most requested places. We do have a Chipotle here but that can get expensive. Why is guac always extra? Plus, these two places offer queso! You can't get that at Chipotle. Boone is already full of Southwestern and Tex-Mex places but a cheaper place to get a burrito, other than Taco Bell, would be nice.

2. Sonic

A Sonic would be perfect for a college town like Boone. Students would be able to sit in their cars as they wait for their 2 A.M. cheeseburger or chili dog. Sonic is also really cheap too and hello, they have so many milkshake and slushie selections. Score! Boone, however, doesn't have a lot of space to build a Sonic but here's to hoping that something opens up.

3. Trader Joe's

chocolate, candy
Sean Kitayama

Yes, this isn't exactly a restaurant but it was the most requested item on my survey. Now, we already have a Walmart, Lowes, Harris Teeter, a new Publix, two Food Lions, and Earth Fare, but it seems that college kids are in love with this place. Trader Joe's offers fresh organic food and meals that college kids would love. 

4. A Korean BBQ Place

chicken, meat, barbecue
Annabel Rhee

Korean BBQ is the best. It would be amazing if Boone had a small place to match the other Chinese and Japanese restaurants we have here. These places, however, can get expensive but I am sure that a group of friends can split the bill considering that Korean BBQ places give you a lot of food.

5. Greek Options

meat, kebab, chicken, tacos
Surina Mehta

With the passing of Parthenon, students have been looking for the next place to get a good gyro. Plus, there aren't that many or any Greek/Meditarrean places in Boone.

6. Red Robin

onion, sweet potato, potato, lettuce, tomato, cheese, hamburger
Angelia Heimsoth

Yuuuummm. Who else did that? Now Boone has many places to get a good burger. Come Back Shack anyone? However, a nice gourmet burger place would be pretty nice, even if it is on the pricey side. 

7. Olive Garden

Okay seriously, we need one here. The closest one is about thirty to forty minutes away and I know that no one is willing to drive that far for free breadsticks. I know that for sure students would flock to this place for the never-ending pasta bowls and super yummy salads.

8. Carrabba's

Speaking of Olive Garden, apparently, students want another Italian dinner. Carraba's would fit right in with Boone's Chili's and Apple Bee's. Plus, this would add more seafood options for us mountaineers.