Chipotle is always a great option when you want to keep your stomach and wallet (relatively) full. One of the saddest moments at Chipotle is when you wanted just a little more from your scoop of steak or pinto beans. Here are some ways to make that burrito bowl a little heftier.

1. Load ‘er up


Photo by Heather Harris

Here’s the scoop: fajita veggies and beans come free with any protein, so load up—get your serving of protein and vegetables in one magical Chipotle bowl. Don’t be afraid to ask them to pile on the rice either (at no extra cost of course), and when they ask “black or pinto beans?” just say BOTH.

2. Bowl vs. Burrito Conflict


Photo by Xinwei Zeng

If you’re struggling to choose between a bowl or burrito, get a little taste of both by politely requesting to line your bowl tortilla or ask for a tortilla on the side. Both of these options are free.

3. More For Less


Photo by Becky Hughes

Although ordering half chicken-half steak as your protein will cost you a little extra, this trick proves to be worth it. Workers tend to give you about ¾ scoop each resulting in nearly double the protein. Talk about more bang for your buck, amirite?

4. Get More Guac


Photo by Alex Weiner

We all know the guacamole costs $1.79 extra, but that’s a sacrifice we all make for our Chipotle orders. If you really love smothering your burritos or bowls with guacamole, ask for it on the side and you are guaranteed to get more for the same price.

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