Growing up in a small seaport and cheering for my town’s mascot (a Fisherman) my whole life led to a love for seafood. If there was ever a place to get it fresh, it would be my hometown. I was lucky enough to be introduced to cod, haddock, lobster, clams and all sorts of seafood at a young age. However, until recently, I was unaware of the health benefits that it can actually bring. Whether its fresh or frozen, seafood can help you lead a healthier life in more ways than one! If your mouth isn’t watering yet check out these gorgeous photos of seafood.

1. Its packed with vitamins and minerals

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Most seafood options offer a variety of vitamins and minerals to your diet that are hard to get otherwise. Eating some fresh fish or shellfish will taste way better than gulping down fish oil pills and can get you those omega-3 fatty acids (aka the “good” fats) that are so great for your health.

2. Heart health

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Those omega-3 fatty acids we were talking about sound magical right? They actually are able to lower cholesterol in the blood which can clear up you blood vessels and can improve the circulation within your heart. Your heart will be longing for some seafood in more ways than one.

3. Helps with inflammation

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Some kinds of seafood are even able to ease the symptoms of arthritis by lowering inflammation.

4. Protects and improves eyesight


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Back to those fatty acids again…they have been known to help protect and improve eyesight. It comes from the sea to help you see (see what I did there).

5. Improves skin and hair health

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The healthy oils that are found in seafood can lead to healthier skin and hair. Say goodbye to dry skin and lifeless hair and hello to shiny locks and glowing skin.

6. Brain health

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The brain contains fat, so with the additional help of the fatty acids contained in seafood, the brain can function better! It has been reported that it can lead to less depression and even prevent dementia. What’s better than enjoying some food and keeping yourself happy and sharp-minded?

7. A better protein

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Seafood contains less of the “bad” fats found in red meat and are usually much lower in calories but still high in protein. So instead of choosing those shredded beef tacos, opt for the grilled fish ones!


So, next time you’re at a restaurant debating between the catch of the day or some standard dish, go with the seafood. It will taste great and may improve your health in several areas! (Plus you won’t feel so awful about indulging in some dessert after) Don’t be scared to cook with it either, you’ll be glad you did.