Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by millions of families and friends in the United States — but we don’t all do it the same across the country. Often, the dishes on the table represent the cultures and experiences of the people sitting around it. We all know the classic turkey, stuffing or dressing, and pumpkin pie. But here are some regional Thanksgiving dishes you might find in different pockets around the country.

The Midwest is the king of the casseroles

Photo by  Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

If you ever end up in the Midwest for Thanksgiving, you’ll likely see at least one casserole on the dinner table. The most popular is definitely the green bean casserole with baked green beans smothered in mushroom soup and sprinkled with fried onions. The lesser known wild rice casserole also has its place on Midwestern Thanksgiving tables, especially in Minnesota.

Florida’s table has a light and bright Key Lime Pie

Photo by American Heritage Chocolate from Unsplash

An authentic key lime pie is made with limes specifically from the Florida Keys, so it makes sense why this would be such a popular dish for the state. In addition, the citrusy flavor is so refreshing for a warm Florida day. 

The East Coast loves to incorporate their signature seafood dishes

Photo by  gwenael le vot/Getty Images

Whether it’s Maine or Massachusetts, the Northeast is well known for its diverse and delicious seafood. The shores bring in shellfish and crustaceans that are often creatively integrated into Thanksgiving dinner. Crab cakes are a popular staple, especially in Maryland. Seafood stuffing is a dish popular in the south but might also be found on Northeast dinner tables made with fresh crab meat. 

The Southern Thanksgiving table brings the sweetness

Photo by  bhofack2/Getty Images

Southern cuisine is known for its bold flavors and often spicy seasonings. But for Thanksgiving, many southern families make sweet dishes. Instead of regular dinner rolls, you might find cornbread paired with butter. While pumpkin pie is certainly still enjoyed, sweet potato pie often takes the cake in the south. Some states even have their own signature pie such as Kentucky’s Derby Pie.

California’s stuffing is a bit on the sour side

Photo by  bhofack2/Getty Images

Stuffing may seem as a pretty mundane part of the overall Thanksgiving feast, but California does something different that makes it a bit more exciting. California, specifically Northern California, is known for its delicious sourdough bread. As opposed to regular white bread, the fermented sourdough flavor really lets the dish shine.