Fall is finally here folks, and you know what that means... pumpkin! And lots of it. But what if we forego pumpkin this season and give some other flavors a chance to shine?

Maple, pecan, apple and cinnamon are just some of the other great seasonal flavors that don't truly get their moment in the sun. And, honestly, I've always thought they tasted better than pumpkin anyway. So, if you agree—or if you just want to try out some new foods—check out these new non-pumpkin snacks.

1. Maple Bourbon Boursin Cheese

You might not have ever heard of Boursin cheese before, but today be prepared for an enlightenment. Boursin is a form of Gournay cheese (another new cheese to explore) that is soft, slightly crumbly, and incredibly creamy. According to the team, this new flavor combines sweet maple with subtle bourbon notes, making it a great new addition to that cheese board you're planning to make to impress your friends.

2. Bear Naked Pecan Pie Granola

Health nuts rejoice, because your average granola is getting an upgrade. While Bear Naked does have a pumpkin flavor out now, the pecan pie flavor is infinitely more exciting. It's a great change-up to the flavors you'll be seeing and will bring some Thanksgiving spirit to hold you over until the actual holiday season. As an added bonus bonus, if you're ever making pecan pie, I bet it'd make a great topping.

3. Pampelonne Harvest Pear Palmetto

Pumpkin-flavored sparkling wine in a can would be just plain weird, amiright? So instead, Pampelonne has made a wine highlighting an underrated fall flavor: pear. The crisp white wine, Bosc pear, Meyer lemon, and vanilla are complemented with aromatic cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, making for a unique fall drink. Plus, each can only has 120 calories, so it's practically guilt-free!

4. Sweet PotaTOASTS

With the rise in sweet potato toast in recipe videos and round-ups, this snack will surely be a hit. These roasted and frozen Sweet PotaTOASTS make it easier for you to create your own sweet potato-topped delicacies. They come in two flavors: Original and Sea Salt & Olive Oil, both are which are bound to be the perfect fall side or appetizer.

5. Lenny and Larry's Complete Apple Pie Cookie

Protein fiends, here is your new seasonal splurge. Lenny and Larry's, known for their protein cookies, has introduced a new, limited-edition flavor packed with all the tastes of your favorite dessert of the season: apple pie. It's a healthy-ish version of a classic autumnal treat, since it's got a whopping 16 grams of protein. Pop this bad boy in the microwave for 20 seconds and top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to really get that freshly-baked pie sensation. 

6. Hail Merry's Sweet Potato Cups

Ever heard of Hail Merry? They're the ones behind those delicious, yet healthy chocolate cups with filling that you probably always eye at Whole Foods, but think are too unhealthy. Fun fact, they're not!

Sweet potato is undisputedly on the rise and Hail Merry uses them in a novel way by packing creamy sweet potato and cinnamon into an almond shortbread cookie crust. It's basically a mini sweet potato pie and I'm 100% in favor.

#SpoonTip: If you want some more sweet potato flavored food, Soozy's also makes a damn good sweet potato muffin.

7. Literally any apple cider donut

I'm going to be honest with you: I'm not a fan of traditional donuts (I know, so divisive). Something about the fried dough just doesn't mesh well with my tastebuds, but give me a good cake doughnut and I'm game.

Apple cider donuts are like a cake that has a really complex flavor combo of cinnamon, apple, and a ton of other spices, creating a perfect dessert-y bite. My first time trying out this concoction was at a farmer's market, and it's a pretty safe bet that you can find one there, too. If not, grocery stores and donut shops near where you live are soon to be stocking up.

The next time you're reaching for your pumpkin-spiced whatever, take a second to consider another flavor. There are so many fall flavors that deserve more attention, and I, for one, plan to taste them all. Will you join me?