The grocery store is one of my favorite places, but it offers so many different items, making it hard to choose even the simplest of purchases. So I went to Whole Foods and did the dirty work for you, and composed the ultimate grocery store list with just one item from each aisle. 

1. Flour, Sugar, Candy & Fruit Snack Aisle

Ally Sorrells

First glance down this aisle, I already knew what I absolutely had to have: chocolate. Although it was the obvious essential, the type of chocolate was not as easy to decide on. In the end, I picked a Theo sea salt dark chocolate bar because nothing can beat the classic combination of salty and sweet. 

2. Beans, Broths, Pastas & Grains Aisle 

parsley, pasta, vegetable, chicken, carrot
Emma Danbury

When you're limited to one option and there is pasta, you pick pasta. There are seemingly endless types to choose from, but I immediately knew which pasta I wasn't going to pick. Quite simply put, spaghetti is generally overrated, so I turned to penne

The short, ridged, hollow pasta nicely compliments so many recipes, including this sausage artichoke penne, making it a must have. 

3. Pickles, Oils, Vinegars and Condiments Aisle

Ally Sorrells

Considering I have a strong disdain from many of the products on this aisle—including, but not limited to, pickles and vinegar—this was any easy pick for me. Olive oil is so versatile as it's commonly used to sauté vegetables, fry eggs, replace salad dressings and in some cakes, making it an item every household should have in spite of this challenge. 

4. Cleaning Supplies, Paper Goods, Pet Supplies and Storage Aisle

In light of the fact that don't have a pet, I immediately crossed those items off my list. Additionally, storage is just not that important compared to my personal hygiene, and paper products were completely unnecessary in this circumstance.

Then, I had a mini debate with myself wondering whether I would rather wash my hands or wash my clothes. Eventually, I picked the only happy medium. I figured dish soap can wash anything from dishes to hands to laundry. Difficult? Yes, but this is why it's called a challenge, people. 

Meyer's Honeysuckle scented dish soap is my top pick as it's light, refreshing and subtle scent won't overwhelm you. 

5. Bagged Snacks, Chips, Popcorn & Salsa Aisle 

sweet, corn, milk, popcorn, butter, cereal, vegetable, salt
Isabel Wang

This was a tough aisle, too, as I found myself debating between many crucial items such chocolate covered pretzels and popcorn. Since I already picked something salty and sweet, I eliminated the pretzels. Aged White Cheddar Pirate Booty beat out the popcorn.

These rice and corn puffs are essentially a cross between popcorn and chips, making them the ideal combination of light, crunchy and cheesy goodness. 

6. Alternative Milks, Baby Items, Cereals, Granolas, Peanut Butter & Jelly Aisle

This was the hardest aisle for me because I consume cereal and peanut butter almost daily. Betraying peanut butter, I picked cereal since I can eat it for both breakfast and dessert.  

In light of the versatility of cereal, I chose Nature's Path's Leapin' Lemars cereal. These peanut butter, chocolate balls are not too sweet for breakfast, but also sweet enough for dessert when I want something lighter than a bowl of ice cream.  

7. Coconut Milk, Cookies, Crackers, Entrees and International Food Aisle

Annie's Bunny Grahams Honey are THE must have from this aisle. There's not much to say about these little guys except they are cute and addictive. 

Also, be on the lookout for the Snickerdoodle and Cinnamon flavors. Although I have not tried them, I suspect they are just as satisfying as the Honey Bunnies. 

8. Coffee, Juices, Sodas and Tea Aisle

I have never been much of a soda or juice drinker, and quite honestly have a small love affair with lattes, which makes coffee the obvious choice for me. There are so many different kinds of ground coffee, but my personal choice was Octane Coffee—or any coffee from a local roaster—in my best attempts to make a coffee shop quality latte in my own home.

9. Frozen Veggies, Fruits and Entrees Aisle 

From this aisle, I picked frozen açaí. Açaí is essential to make açaí bowls—basic, I admit, but undeniably necessary.

10. Frozen Bread, Desserts, Waffles and Ice Cream Aisle

Ally Sorrells

Ice Cream is one of the items I would not leave the store without in any circumstance, but there are so many tempting flavors that picking just one was difficult. Whole Foods carries a lot of ice cream brands that I have not tasted, so I had to go with a tried and trusted flavor: Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream.

This patriotically named ice cream is the perfect pick me up after the recent election, with caramel swirls and chocolate covered waffle cone pieces distributed throughout the vanilla ice cream.

11. The Bakery

chocolate, cookie
Ally Sorrells

Although not an actual aisle, my sweet tooth forced me into picking something from the bakery. Whole Foods offers so many delectable, freshly baked goods, but when limited to one item, I had to go with the classic chocolate chip cookie. No vouching needed for this one folks, you all know it's your favorite.