I am sure most people can relate when I say I wish cookie dough was healthy. It’s that delicious treat that tastes so good when you first eat it, but often leaves you feeling less than great about yourself. The past several years has seen an increase in the edible cookie dough trend, with countless brands coming out with their own version. I am glad to announce that there is a new plant-based cookie dough company better than the rest. 

What am I Getting at?

Siren Snacks are my new favorite snack. These plant-based protein cookie dough bites solve so many of life’s snacking problems. First off, all four flavors are absolutely delicious. Siren Snack’s first four flavors include classic Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Poppyseed and Snickerdoodle. Cookie Dough has to be my favorite (with mini chocolate chips and real cookie dough flavor), with Lemon Poppyseed coming in at a close second. I would say the best way to start is with the variety four pack to find your favorite.

Ariana Pergola
The Perfect Energy Snack

I love snacking on Siren Snacks because they are so high in protein. Each pack has 12g, which makes these the perfect snack for a hike, studying, or before going out for the night. Furthermore, each pack has more protein than sugar which is so rare to find in sweet tasting snacks!

Pop a Few or All of Them... (we won't judge)

What makes Siren Snacks truly special is that the package is resealable and the bites are small which really helps with mindful eating. Sometimes you don’t want a full snack bar, but feel compelled to finish the whole thing because the package will stay open, making it hard to transport and potentially messy. With Siren Snacks, I can have a couple of bites at a time, and then decide if I still want more (which usually I do because they are so delicious!) 

Ariana Pergola
The Coachella Life-Saver

Siren Snacks really saved me when I went to Coachella. Yes, the food at Coachella is delicious. However, the lines are too long and the food is WAY too expensive. A lot of the options are also really heavy, and feeling sluggish while dancing in a crowd is definitely not a good move. Snacking on my Lemon Poppyseed bites saved me as I danced in the desert heat. Now, you might be wondering how I snuck food into Coachella. The security can be pretty strict, so when he found my snacks I told him that I was allergic to everything and that this was going to be the only thing I could eat at the whole festival. He believed me because the packaging makes it clear that Siren Snacks are gluten, grain, dairy, soy and nut free

I am so thankful to have found Siren Snacks. Visit their website to learn more about Elizabeth and Abby’s mission and to taste for yourself just how delicious clean snacking can be. Yum!

Ariana Pergola