Calling all die-hard pizza lovers: the pizza delivery game is changing, largely due to what Pizza Hut has recently released. Here are just a few of the genius ideas Pizza Hut has done to distinguish themselves amongst their competitors.

Pizza Hut Presents: The First Playable DJ Pizza Box

Music livens up any scene and makes life a little bit more upbeat. I would definitely want to make my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and a box of pizza and music on full volume.

Previously, Pizza Hut redesigned their pizza box so that it can turn into a playable DJ turntable. The box includes a smart phone-compatible Bluetooth software, so once you are connected to the turntable, you are able to instantly become the life of the party. Now you too can become the next the next Chainsmokers or Kygo. 

Pizza and Movie Made All In One Box

You can literally have a movie night anywhere because Pizza Hut made a pizza box that folds into a working movie projector powered by your smartphone. When I'm about to watch a movie with friends, our go-to food is definitely combo pizza. Pizza and movie nights are just a perfect, natural pair and Pizza Hut has taken advantage of this combination.

Collaboration With Xbox 

Pizza Hut collaborated with Xbox to create a specially designed gaming console for fans to win in a competition as part of their #TripleTreatBox campaign. When it comes to gaming, pizza is a top snack pick to satisfy a gamer's hunger. You need to fuel your hunger with something, so it might as well be a big, fat slice of Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut. 

These High Top Shoes, aka "Pie Top" 

Thinking that designing a pizza box that turns into a DJ turntable or a movie projector wasn’t enough, Pizza Hut took it a step further with their marketing tactics.

Pizza Hut has (literally) stepped up their game by releasing 64 special-edition “Pie Top” shoes in part of the celebration for the upcoming March Madness. Here’s how the “Pie Top shoes work.

It’s actually pretty simple--you can order a pizza for you and your buddies while watching March Madness at the push of a button.

The shoes are equipped with Bluetooth communication that connects with an app on your smartphone. With this technology, you are able to push the button on the tongue of the shoe and instantly order any type of pizza, then the pizza will be delivered based on your location.

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut is only manufacturing 64 pairs, and it was announced in an interview with Ad Age that they are planning on giving away most of the shoes. Only a few people of the general public will be proud owners of these bad boys. 

Plus, with Pizza Hut being a major sponsor for the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, they also have special offers going on where you can order a large two-topping pizza online for just $7.99 or any specialty for an extra $3 (not including tax and tip).

Thanks to their new upgrade in footwear, Pizza Hut has become the king of innovation and provided their customers with promotional items that allow them to interact with their brand, while enjoying a f*cking good slice of pizza.