The hit song "Closer" by The Chainsmokers has been stuck in your head at least once, just admit it. If you're like me, it has been a lot more than once. The song dominated the Hot 100 list for more than six weeks and swept the nation with its catchy beats.

It is the perfect song for dancing like there is no tomorrow, long car rides with friends, and singing in the shower. It is also really good at giving me food cravings.

I never knew a song could be so inspirational, but putting this song on repeat sends my stomach spinning. 

1. "Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you."

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Elizabeth Layman

When I am doing fine, I tend to eat salad. It makes me feel good about myself and kinda like I have my life in order. Ironically, I tend to feel good about myself when there is not a significant other in the picture.

Eating healthy and wholesome foods is an easy way to tell if I have a handle on life, since it is a little out of the ordinary for me. Listening to this line makes me feel like I am on top of my life and my diet.

Unfortunately, I don't eat a lot of salad.

2. "And four years, no calls."

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Audrey Mirabito

Why the **** did you not call for four years?! That is a really long time. It really isn't that hard to pick up a phone. This is the part in the song where I just want to shove pizza in my mouth. And not only pizza, pizza made out of tatter tots. Something with even more calories. It is fine if you don't want to call me, because tatter tot pizza wants me.

3. "And I can't stop."

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Yes you can. You can stop. It isn't really that hard. Leave me alone. You weren't good for me. The way Chainsmoker's singer, Andrew, describing his uncontrollable attraction to this girl is similar to my attraction to wine ice cream. 

Wine ice cream combines two of the best things that may have ever graced this planet. And both are necessary when I am feeling feeling frustrated. Besides, who needs a guy when you have this bad boy right in your freezer?

4. "So baby pull me closer, in the back seat of your Rover."

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Now I am feeling a little steamy. The chorus of the song describes the intimate relations and physical chemistry between the two, which is only heightened by the years they have spent apart. Watching the music video especially gets the blood rushing. What is more sexy than a chocolate covered strawberry?

5. "We ain't ever getting older."

The couple returns to their old foolish romance, just like it was years ago. It gives them a sense of being young and alive. Kind of the same way Scooby Doo fruit snacks give me a sense of being young.

Nothing beat the feeling of having these in my lunch box every day throughout elementary school. They may not be the best thing for you, the same way the girl isn't good for the boy in this song. But you eat them anyways because they taste good and are familiar.