Whether you play on console or pc, every gamer knows that with great concentration comes a great hunger for food. And with winter holiday season upon us, I've been spending much more well deserved time in front of screens. With that, I came to the realization that each gaming session would inevitably be accompanied by the presence of food. So you must be wondering, what are the best foods to have while gaming with friends?

Personally, I just grab anything that’s available in the fridge and easy to make. That means sometimes I nibble on a piece of bacon while other times i'm eating a banana #healthconscious. I realize that these aren’t probably the foods to have when friends pop by for a button mashing good time. So, here are the best five snacks for such an occasion.

1. Oreos and Milk

Perhaps a little immature, Oreos are the perfect snack for any occasion. Birthdays, exams, Christmas... There’s no time like the present to treat yourself. They're available in most places and everybody loves them. But while you’re at it, why not make a big jug of boozy Oreo milkshake and get the LAN party started?

2. Pizza

Pizza is one of the best things in the world, something that makes everything better (except for those suffering from celiac disease). Heck, it can even break up a fight, which says a lot about the power of pizza. Order it from any local delivery and it’ll be served piping hot in no time. Fancy some healthier pizza options? Try a broccoli flatbread pizza, instead.

3. Doritos

In general, chips are a must-have at any party. Be warned though, just like pizza, this is going to end up with some heavy scrubbing of consoles from grease afterwards, not to mention crumbs everywhere. They are a classic crowd-pleaser, plus you can get them from virtually any store. Just be sure to get Doritos, instead of Pringles if you’re insisting on watching your calories.

4. Hotdogs 

If you bring a bunch of these to the party, they will be gone in no time. I promise. They require minimal cooking effort and yes, I am aware that they are highly processed and will probably shorten anyone’s lifespan. But who cares? We’re young and healthy—for now at least. And if you really want to impress your friends and perhaps your crush, then try your luck with these cinnamon sausage rolls.

5. Pocky

A hit among the otaku (a Japanese term for a very specific type of geek), they have been hailed as a must-buy from Asian markets and drug store chains that carry them. Each pretzel-like stick is generously dipped into a flavored chocolate, and will leave much less of a mess compared to other foods. And if plain chocolate isn’t hip enough, Pocky is available in six different flavors.

I ain’t no multi-tasker. I can’t quite chew properly while focusing on surviving the ordeals in games, so I tend to go for food that requires minimal effort while masticating. No Asian gamer should ever live without Pocky.