One of my favorite things to do in the library (besides focusing on my studies, of course) is people watch. If you've never done this at the library you're lying (or you're just boring). It's entertaining to look around and see who is actually doing school work, or watching Netflix on their computer. But something I pay attention to, being the foodie I am, is what kinds of food people bring to the library.

Yeah, I see the typical study snacks of coffee, pretzels, and trail mix. But I have also seen a few strange things like someone bringing an entire box of pizza. How is eating a box of pizza not distracting? The smell alone is enough to make me turn a head. 

I asked a few of my friends and other Spoon contributors about some the weirdest foods they've seen being eaten in the library. And their responses were pretty outrageous... 

1. Sushi, Snickers, & Milk

sauce, seafood, eel, tuna, salmon, teriyaki, rice, sushi
Parsa Lotfi

Yes, you read that right. Someone brought sushi, Snickers, and milk with them to the library, and according to my fellow Spoon member, "He got after it." I really don't know if washing down sushi with milk tastes good, but maybe it just does the trick for people.

2. Large Domino's Pizza  

Pizza is life. I'm sure this isn't that uncommon to see during finals week, but it's not your typical "study snack". I mean more power to ya. But at least give me a slice next time, would ya?

3. Keurig Coffee Machine 

coffee, espresso, tea
Francesca Gentile

Coffee is a staple in the library—whether it's to help you get through writing a paper or cramming for finals. While coffee cups litter every single table in the library, it's not enough to have just one cup. Sometimes you just have to bring your entire coffee machine from home. The Keurig is super loud and annoying, so if you're sitting next to me, either move it or make me a cup of coffee.

4. Straight up Hummus 

cream, coffee, sweet, hummus
Jessica O'Connell

Hummus is awesomeespecially paired with pretzels, carrots, or celery. But brining a tub to the library with a spoon? If you're going to eat it with a spoon, do that in the comfort of your own dorm room, not surrounded by strangers. 

5. Crackers, Tomato, Block of Cheese & Cheeseboard 

wine, bread, dairy product, berry, sweet, grape, cheese, cherry
Natalie Pressman

Wine & cheese night at the library? Another fellow Spoon member recalls seeing someone bring crackers, cheese, and tomato. You might assume that the cheese and tomato were pre-sliced, but you're wrong. This person cut the tomato and cheese, then placed it on her cracker in a sophisticated manner. I'm a little jealous of her library class. 

6. Birthday Cake (Candles Included)

cake, chocolate, cream, chocolate cake
Kristiann Man

I love celebrating my birthday because it means I get a birthday cake. This Spoon member says she saw people surprising their friends with a birthday cake at the library. It's a little obnoxious to be singing "Happy Birthday" when people are trying to study. At least give us a slice...

7. Fried Zeppoles 

During finals week last spring, my friends ordered paninis for dinner in the library. Unfortunately, the food was taking too long to arrive, so the owner gave them 20 free zeppoles. Definitely not your typical library snack, but anything fried is good, especially if it's free. 

8.  Water Bottle of Wine 

cocktail, ice, liquor, alcohol, wine
Spoon University

We all know what you're doing when you sneakily take a gold liquid filled water bottle and dump it into your mug. Props to this person who brought a water bottle filled with wine to the library. You gotta do what you gotta do to get through the day, am I right? 

Next time you're in the library pay attention to what people are eating around you. They could be downing a glass of wine or eating birthday cake to help them get through studying. If it's obnoxious, ask them to share. It's the least they can do if they're going to bring strange food to the library.