Fried dough reminds me of my childhood. From eating zeppoles in my favorite pizzeria to trying samosas in Jackson Heights, NY, I enjoy indulging in almost every type of fried dough. Whether you’re the sweet or savory type, there will always be something that will fit your liking. These nine countries do it best, so get your fried dough on.


fried dough

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Churros, a traditional Spanish dessert, were originally eaten for breakfast dipped into warmed chocolate or cafe con leche. Now, they’re eaten everywhere, from the streets of NYC to tapas bars as either a dessert or snack.


fried dough

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Youtiao is commonly referred to as a Chinese crueler, eaten as a savory side dish to many popular Chinese dishes. This crunchy delight (with very simple flavor) is eaten with scallion pancakes, soups, and porridges.


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Loukoumades are fried dough shaped into balls and soaked in hot honey syrup, sometimes garnished with walnuts. They are deep fried into a golden color and are deliciously crispy on the outside. Once you bite into them, they are fluffy and airy. If you’re a chocolate lover, you can drizzle melted chocolate as a garnish.

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fried dough

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Cronuts are one of the biggest fads hitting New York City. Created by Dominique Ansel in his own bakery, this treat is a unique creation of a donut and croissant combined. They are usually topped with a fruity frosting or eaten plain. People often wait outside his bakery once it opens and they’re typically sold out by midday.

The first thing I noticed when eating a cronut was the delicious texture of the fried croissant, with its sugar crystals spilling out of my mouth.


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Curry bread, or Kane Pan, is one of my favorite kinds of fried dough. It consists of bread with a curry, vegetable, and meat filling that’s deep fried until it is a nice, crispy texture. It is also topped with a nice layer of breadcrumbs, which adds extra crisp.


fried dough

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Samosas are more of a savory take on fried dough. The outer crispy shell is often filled with a savory filling such as potatoes, onions, and fried green chili. This snack is best paired with chutney sauce.


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The highlight of going to my favorite local pizzeria was getting zeppoles. If you’re more of a fan of softer fried doughs, try zeppoles. They’re topped with powdered sugar and have a soft, pillowy, cake-like texture.


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Malasadas are a sweet tooth popularity in Portugal (and Hawaii). They’re made out of yeast dough and topped with lots of sugar. It has a doughnut-like texture with a little bit of graininess from the sugar. Although they originated in Portugal, they came to Hawaii during the 1878 arrival of Portugal plantation workers.  



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If you want to opt for the lighter option of fried dough, sopapillas are super delicious and often topped with chocolate fudge and some sprinkled sugar.