The Amanda Show - it was a major hit when most of us were growing up. The show itself had several segments to it, including a segment known as Judge Trudy. While this part of The Amanda Show was funny, it was also relatable - and with that, here's how ordering food is as told by Judy Trudy and by Amanda Bynes herself. 

When you're walking to your table and the menus are already placed down for you.

Going to sit down to look at the menus is probably one of the two most important parts of ordering food -- unless you already know what you want to order, but looking at the menu is still fun. 

When you start to look at the menu and can't decide what to order. 

This is especially true if there's a lunch/dinner menu and a long drink menu. With an array of options, it's hard to choose what you want.

When you finally think of what to order.

It's even better when you go and place your order, which is what you do after thinking of what to get.

When your food arrives and you don't stop adding salt and sauces to it.

While adding salt, pepper, and any other sauces to your food sounds great, don't go overboard while doing so. 

When you're all done photographing your dish and are finally ready to eat it.

As Rihanna once said, this is what you came for, aka food. There's nothing as amazing as food. It's tasty, unique, and necessary for living life. 

Ordering food is one of the best things ever, and so is The Amanda Show. It'd be even better if you order food in for delivery while watching The Amanda Show. Why? Because then you can do everything from the comfort of your own place without having to worry about looking cute.