Earlier this year, Chipotle announced that they would be adding a dessert menu. The first item to the menu? Buñuelos, a Mexican dessert consisting of a fried tortilla tossed in cinnamon and sugar.

Recently, Cosmo's snapchat story featured an article detailing the facts everyone needed to know about Chipotle's first ever dessert menu. 

#SpoonTip: Check out Cosmo's updated story

According to Delish, this traditional Mexican dessert will be making its debut at one location in Union Square in New York City. A single order rounds out to about $2.00 which includes a caramel apple dipping sauce

Chipotle will be adding their own flair to these fried sweets by finishing it off with a drizzle of honey. Typically, sauce is not paired with bueñuelos, so Chipotle's sugary combination should be one to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This testing stage will go on for about six to eight weeks. Depending on how successful this test goes, buñuelos might be coming to a location near you.  

Additions as big as this one could possibly be the push Chipotle makes to move from "Mexican grill" to "authentic Mexican." However, these changes will raise conversation (and heavy opinions) for those who hold this dessert dear to heart.

If all goes sweetly, hopefully Chipotle could be adding more to their dessert menu like churros or frozen hot chocolate.

Of course, we can expect to pay extra for some "add ons" to the new dessert menu. Hashtag guac is extra, anyone?

Want to try making them at home?  

1.) Cut flour tortillas into triangles 

2.) Fry pieces in oil until crisp like a tortilla chip 

3.) Toss in cinnamon and sugar 

Enjoy! Recipe via a Mexican chica who's been making them longer than Chipotle.  

#SpoonTip: Wear tight long sleeves when making buñuelos to avoid burning from frying oil.