Growing up in New York, delis were always a part of my life. It wasn’t until I left the tristate area that I realized that they weren’t as essential to everyone’s lives as they were to mine.

If you’re anything like me, I eat at my local deli nearly as much as I eat at home. With a deli on nearly every corner, people soon claim different spots as their deli and will defend their territory to the end of time.

Whichever team you choose to rep, your options will always be endless. You can go for any meal of the day, and your food is guaranteed to be fresh and ready go within minutes.

sandwich, cheese
Julie Eckstein

For those of you who have the misfortune of not knowing what a deli is, a deli is a small, locally run, glorious mix between a restaurant, grocery store and fast food chain. The word deli is actually short for delicatessen.

They originated in Eastern Europe, and were brought over to America and popularized in New York City. Many delis cure their own meats and cut them fresh daily, in addition to the endless homemade concoctions that line the perimeter. 

cheese, bacon, cheddar, sandwich, egg
Lily Morris

Delis are basically the closest thing you can get to a home cooked meal without having to go home. Not only will their food warm your belly and your heart, but you are instantly enveloped by the warmth of the love of every member of staff. You momentarily join their friendly banter, making you feel as though you are part of their family.

They can cure your hangover after a quite mumble of words and numbers, the gratitude will run through your veins for the remainder of the day. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself longing for your deli nearly as much as you long for your own bed.

cheese, bacon
Lily Morris

Well, almost.

All in all, delis aren’t just a quick place to stop off and grab something to eat, but rather, if you will, a lifestyle. Because really, is there anything better than a warm, fresh sandwich and a tall cup of half and half?