I love snacks. I personally think they make the world go round–and keep my from being hangry 24/7. Finals season is among us and that means endless studying, paper writing, and procrastination. This ultimately leaves us with not enough hours in the day to eat a proper meal aka surviving solely through study snacks

Staying healthy while snacking? Almost unheard of–wouldn't you rather reward yourself with some M&Ms not boring trail mix with hardly any chocolate? I'm here to tell you that your study snacks can be delicious, healthy, and provide ample brain power. 

You'll feel like you are #treatingyoself with these snacks without sacrificing your health. 

1. Toast with Almond Butter

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Say "bye-bye" to toast, Ozery Bakery snacking rounds are the coolest thing since sliced bread. These little pockets of deliciousness contain whole grains, dried fruits and NO gross preservatives or coloring. I like to put these in the microwave or toaster then add the almond butter so it gets all melty. Perfect for an afternoon study snack and quick breakfast before you head to the library.

2. Protein Bars

Nikki D'Ambrosio

I have recently fallen in love with ONE Bars which are low in sugar but high in protein. I try and stay away from protein bars because all of artificial/chalky taste and they don't sit well with my stomach. But ONE Bars not only come in delicious flavors like cinnamon roll and almond bliss, but they don't leave me feeling sluggish like most protein bars.

3. Banana Bread

I don't know about you but banana bread is my ultimate comfort food that I crave 24/7 too bad, at school, I can't have my Mom around to bake a loaf every time I want some. I was recently introduced to Base Culture's mini banana bread loafs and let me tell you, they satisfy the banana bread craving. The breads are paleo, gluten/dairy/soy-free, non-gmo contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives–which is what I love in a prepackaged treat!

4. Yogurt and Granola

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Most yogurt contains a lot of sugar. And dairy isn't always the healthier option. My latest non-dairy go to has been the Kite Hill Greek Style Almond Yogurt. While there is a slight hint of almonds, add some toppings and you won't even realize you aren't eating dairy. This is a great option for a late night snack when you feel like having a sweet treat–I have been adding Hail Merry's meyer lemon cups for a guilt free dessert. The chocolate almond flavor tastes better than a Reese's (how crazy is that?).

5. Carrot Sticks + Dip

Nikki D'Ambrosio

(and no I'm not talking about what you are thinking) Rhythm SuperFoods makes dried carrot sticks that have the texture of a Cheeto without all the chemicals. I love dipping these in Kite Hill almond jalapeño cream cheese–again, non-dairy but tastes just as good. 

6. Jello

Jello doesn't have to be just for when you're sick. I recently tried Fruit Gel from Zellee, a Hawaiian company, that makes little squeeze pouches filled with all the good stuff–no added sugar, no added color, no animal gelatin, no carrageenan, no artificial ingredients. All fruit, all the time. These are perfect on the go or when you need a little pick-me-up in between writing papers and studying. 

7. Cookies

Ok, cookies are perfect and never in a million years could be boring but they aren't the smartest study snack. Thanks to Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies, you don't have to save cookies for just special occasions. These bad boys are vegan, non-GMO, and contain 16 grams of protein– talk about a well rounded study snack!

Finals Week is never going to be the best week of the year but it doesn't have to suck. Swap out some of your boring study snacks, for these healthy and fun ideas. Always remember to eat and get enough rest–no amount of studying will help when your brain isn't properly fueled.

Disclaimer: I was graciously sent samples of all of these foods but all of the opinions are 100% my own. I was not offered any compensation for including these brands but I do really like them and wanted to share.