A new year is the perfect time to initiate some much needed lifestyle changes. However, trying to maintain a "new year, new me" mentality is a lot harder said (or posted as your NYE Instagram caption) than done. There's no better way to survive the January struggle than with some good eats to help you along, so follow this Ann Arbor munch guide to satisfy both your tummy and your 2017 resolution checklist. 

1. Get in Shape: Fred's

Recently reopened, Fred's has been resurrected after a much too long 2016 hibernation. One of the most popular (and dearly missed) items from Fred's menu, the Brotein Shake, is sure to inspire you to push for those new year, new you workout gains. 

2. Eat Healthier: The Lunch Room

Located in trendy Kerrytown, The Lunch Room is right across the street from Zingerman's. Just in case you're feeling tempted by a classic Reuben or the #73, just turn around and hustle to the healthiest, yummiest option around. With a smorgasbord of items from terriyaki tofu sushi to Moroccan tagine, The Lunch Room is sure to provide you with guilt-free satisfaction. 

3. Meet New People: NYPD

If you know, you know. NYPD is notorious for its mac 'n cheese pizza and a guaranteed good time. The small shop is likely to have a hefty line out the door and several post-party peeps to mingle with.

#SpoonTip: Uber, sprint, stumble, or dance over to NYPD after a night out (around 2 am) for the true experience. 

4. Read More: Literati Coffee

Hidden gem, Literati Coffee, is located in the upstairs of the Literati Bookstore. The perfect library-quiet place to get work done, Literati is also jam packed with an array of desirable novels for your choosing. 

5. Treat Yourself More Often: La Dolce Vita 

Partnered with The Chop House, La Dolce Vita is a dimly lit, swanky establishment, providing gourmet desserts and pastries. With menu items including bananas foster bread pudding and malted German chocolate cake, there's no better spot to venture to, if you want to treat yourself.  

6. Go Veg: Earthen Jar

Sure to provide good vibes and even better food, Earthen Jar is the perfect spot for the aspiring vegetarian or vegan. With a cool, calm, and collected atmosphere and a do-it-youself buffet and weigh style dining, you are sure to start 2017 with a positive mind and a happy stomach. 

7. Upgrade Your Social Media Game: Frita Batidos

With a cool atmosphere, aesthetically pleasing white benches, and tiny blue umbrellas, Frita Batidos provides the perfect background for your #foodporn. The menu isn't so bad, either. It boasts items like garlic friends, Cuban style burgers with your choice of added avocado and eggs, and drinks called Batidos (a creamy coconut beverage). If you're feeling extra indulgent, order the twice-fried plantains or the churros. 

8. Be More Adventurous: Spencer

Easy on the eyes, easier on the taste buds. Spencer is very busy and very popular, with working hours closing after lunch and opening again for dinner. The menu lists interesting choices from prosciutto and fig grilled cheese to octopus with chickpeas, as well as an extensive choice of charcuteries

9. Save Money: NeoPapalis

With customizable pizzas for $9 and salads for around $8, NeoPapalis is guaranteed to keep your wallet full and your stomach fuller. To-go salads are stuffed into giant take out carriers and arguably weigh several pounds.

#SpoonTip: Order the A2 Bites, a combination of mini cinnamon sticks and ranch breadsticks. 

10. Reconnect with Old Friends: Mighty Good Coffee

What goes best with bold coffee and drool-worthy pastries? Great company, of course. There's no better place to rekindle old friendships (or old flames) than a trendy coffee shop whose relaxing environment is perfect for reminiscing about old times. Interesting coffee choices (think: honey lavender lattes) and creative cakes are perfect conversation starters and sure to please.

#Spoon Tip: Pick up the tab if you really want to reignite that friendship (or fire).

Holding on to new year's resolutions is hard — no doubt about that. Whether you are trying to improve your mind, body, soul, or all of the above, breaking old habits can be challenging. Hopefully, these Ann Arbor hot spots can fulfill your utmost aspirations and improvements of 2017. Here's to the new year.