Snacking and working out go hand in hand... I mean, why else would you go the gym? 

The ideas below are inspired by all the times my friends and I enjoyed a trendy workout class followed by a typical, crave worthy-LA snack. Our go-to snack after yoga is something light, fruity, and refreshing, and then after a run: CARBS.

Find out what post-workout snack you should be treating yourself to and remember to hit a friend up to grab post-spin açaí bowls once in a while.

1. Yoga

Much like green juice, all you yogis out there have a cool and refreshing attitude. After a kick-ass hot yoga flow, the best thing to pair with your zen is a cold bottle of fresh pressed juice. Green juice is loaded with hydrating properties, vitamins, and minerals that get you through the day, a lot like your yoga practice. Pressed juice is light and refreshing, kinda like your post-shavasina, go-with-the flow attitude. 

2. Spinning

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If you spin, you like to play and hard and work even harder on the bike. So it's obvious that a vibrant açaí bowl with all the works is going to satisfy your snacking needs without undoing your hard work. Your perfect bowl will encompass a variety of flavors and textures: crunchy, velvety, sweet, tart, and most importantly healthy (that's a flavor, right?). You love rocking out to hype music which is why a whimsical açaí bowl is your perfect post-workout snack.

3. Running

If you're a runner, you stick to the basics when it comes to exercise—which is why you should go for a simple but INSANELY ADDICTING snack like avocado toast. Much like your workout, this trendy finger food will please your minimalistic personality.

However, any foodie knows that avocado toast is more than just bread and avocados. Drizzle Sriracha over it, top it with a runny egg, or spice it up with your favorite bled of seasoning or seeds. Your avocado toast, just like your run, is yours to personalize. Take it in any direction you want.

4. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is fierce. So after you're done bobbing and weaving, you'll want a snack that packs a punch. Kale chips might be healthy, but they do not skimp on taste. Flavors like nacho cheese and cool ranch (entirely vegan) will leave you shuffling back for seconds.   

Kickboxing combines body and mind to create a powerful and complex workout that deserves to be followed by an equally-as-exciting snack. So satisfy your heightened sense with a deliciously crispy, protein-packed snack. 

5. Strength Training

Whether you're toning your legs, abs, or arms, you need to rebuild your muscles with some serious protein after a workout. Strength trainers at the gym are mistaken to be all serious and intimidating, but they're really just like the rest of us. They're sweethearts with a sweet tooth who crave a chai vanilla or chocolate mocha protein shake after they hit the gym. Something sweet to counter balance the sweat. 

6. HIIT/Boot Camp

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If boot camp training is your thing then you obviously like to mix up your workout moves and fast, which is why your go-to snack should be trail mix. It's a quick snack and incorporates a bunch of your favorite treats together, just how you like it. Much like your exercises, every handful of trail mix is different from the last. Every ingredient in the mix has a different nutritional benefit, so it keeps you excited, engaged, and ready for one more rep.

7. Zumba

Like popcorn, in Zumba, you don't stop moving. Zumba addicts transform simple dance moves into a heart-racing cardio workout. It combines a variety of motions into an exciting storm of popping, locking, and dropping. Just like you mix up your moves, pick between salty, sweet, or spicy for your snack.  

8. Pilates

Pilates is no joke. It incorporates the flexibility of yoga with weight training and cardio exertion. Just like chia seed pudding pilates combines everything into one workout, chia seed pudding satisfies your sweet tooth while still fueling your body with healthy fats and protein. The basis of pilates is building layers upon layers, so when it comes time to snacking, you'll be craving the same complexity. Your personalized pudding can include stacks of colorful fruit, creamy yogurt, or crunchy granola.

9. Swimming

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You a swimmer? Then be sure to dive into a hardy hummus wrap after your finish your 300. Swimming works your entire body, so stuff your pita with all the works. Include all your favorite veggies and even some creative, new hummus flavors and sauces– don't be afraid to jump off the deep end (or into it). 

10. Getting up in the morning...

If getting out of bed in the morning counts as your set of sit ups for the day, then you might as well treat yo self... once in a while.

Yeah, exercise is important and so is the food you put in your body, but rest days are arguably just as important–for the body and mind. Sometimes life's better with a side of doughnuts.

Ultimately, we really are what we eat. Even though it's fun to define our exercise habits as a snack, all that matters is that you fuel yourself with foods that make you feel your best.