No one wants to admit how often they actually read their horoscope, let alone if they actually believe what the stars are saying on any given day. But sometimes curiosity can't be stopped, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Read on to find out what your zodiac sign should order next time you're at the bar.

Aries: Long Island Iced Tea

Aries are the ones who act without thinking and are constantly taking risks. This is because of their undeniable confidence, which is why the best drink for them is a Long Island iced tea. They know this might get them into trouble, but that is a risk they are willing to take!


Taurus are very reliable. Once they commit to something, they will follow through no matter what. They are always loyal to those they are closest to, so they should be drinking a mimosa. Mimosas are often had at brunch, and Taurus always shows up even when they're deathly hungover. A nice, cold mimosa will help make your brunch that much more tolerable. 

Gemini: Frozen Margarita 

Gemini can either be super sociable and down to have a good time or serious and more on the thoughtful side. Because of their versatile personalities, their go-to should be a frozen marg. These delicious drinks can be anywhere from super sweet to aggressively sour. They can have lots of tequila or just a splash. There are endless flavors, so they have lots of options.

Cancer: Vodka Cranberry

If you're a Cancer, you are loyal and can be emotional at times. You don't like conflict, and avoid it at all costs. Because of this, you stick to what you know, which is why you should order a vodka cranberry. You've probably been ordering this since your fake ID days, but it's a classic and will never fail you. 

Leo: Manhattan 

Leo's are natural born leaders. They like to take charge and are usually pretty dramatic about it. Because of their confidence, Leo's should be ordering a Manhattan. This whiskey classic will prove that they know what they're doing when they walk into the bar. 

Virgo: Mojito

If you're a Virgo, you are thoughtful and very well organized. Your practical nature means you should be sipping on a refreshing mojito. It's important to balance your horoscope sign and an energizing mojito will bring some excitement to your night. 

Libra: Gin & Tonic

Libra's are peaceful and cooperative. They value others' opinions and don't want to cause any trouble. The classic gin and tonic is the perfect drink for a Libra because it will keep them calm, cool, and collected while they're out with their friends. 

Scorpio: Dirty Martini

Dirty Martinis aren't for everyone. You have to be passionate about this beverage to be ordering it every time you're at the bar, which is why it's perfect for a Scorpio. Scorpio's are determined and fierce leaders and they know that this is what they'll be ordering before they even step foot in the bar. 

Sagittarius: Sangria

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Mira Nguyen

If you're a Sagittarius, you are curious and open-minded. Sangria can be made in a variety of different ways, making this the perfect drink for you because it can be new every time you drink it.

Capricorn: Rum & Coke

Capricorn's are quite independent and would probably go and sit at a bar alone. Because of this, they need to order a bold drink like a rum and coke. They probably won't have more than two though, because they are responsible. 

Aquarius: Whiskey Sour

The energetic nature of an Aquarius makes the whiskey sour perfect for them. The balance of whiskey and lemon juice brings out all the best qualities of this horoscope, including intellectually stimulating conversation.

Pisces: Screwdriver

Pisces are very sociable and always put their friends first. But at times they can be very emotional and hard to deal with, which is why the screwdriver is the perfect drink for them. As the name implies, this drink is refreshingly sweet but with a bit of a kick, just like a Pisces

Whether or not you choose to listen to your horoscope is up to you. But keep this in mind next time you walk into a bar, and always drink responsibly.