I live under a rock, but not a rock that's big enough to hide the hubbub that Meryl Streep's acceptance speech of the Cecil B. DeMille Award caused. If you haven't watched it yet, peep this Patrick Star. Regardless of your political opinions or your feelings about Meryl Streep, you have to admit that it was a damn good speech. So, in typical Spoon fashion, I've found an Instagram account that gives me as many feels as her speech did. 

Since I spend most of my time trolling Instagram, I've included some posts from one of my new favorite accounts @tasteofstreep. Look, and then try to tell me that Instagram isn't the social media platform of aspiring geniuses. These are my 10 personal favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Avocado Toast

Because no matter how much 2016 sucked, this food trend will always be bomb.

2. Lava Cake

Molten, just like my heart after Meryl's speech

3. French Fries

Please let me bathe in a bathtub full of french fries, just like Meryl.

4. Tacos

Oh? You don't like tacos? I don't like you.

5. Bomb Pops

YAS, QUEEN. Meryl for Pres. Bomb pops for VP.

6. Pizza

Meryl, pizza takes me to another galaxy, too. I feel you.

7. Lucky Charms

I'm never not going to eat like I have the metabolism of a seven year old.

8. Bacon

The most sensual of all breakfast meats. I'm always craving you, bacon.

9. La Croix

This bougie, bubbly goodness always makes me feel like a movie star who can afford carbonated fruit water.

10. Hot Dogs

No ketchup — just mustard. Meryl knows what's up.

Okay, so I know no food pictures can come close to the award winning Yale graduate that graces our television screens, but these photos definitely make me appreciate her acting prowess. Thanks @tasteofstreep for combining two of the world's most agreed upon loves: Meryl Streep and food.