Finally the cereal of every kids’ dreams will be made official, as announced by General Mills: Lucky Charms with only the marshmallows. Now, before you start jumping for joy and scouring the shelves of your local supermarket, here’s the catch.

Lucky Charms

Photo courtesy of General Mills

Lucky Charms is running a contest, as introduced by this pretty strange video featuring Biz Markie (see below), only until October 18th for 10 lucky marshmallow lovers to win the special edition boxes of Lucky Charms AKA unicorn cereal.

If you don’t want to watch the video, basically all it takes is you have to pose with a box of imaginary Lucky Charms, and tweet/Insta/Facebook it with #Lucky10Sweepstakes. The more embarrassing the picture, the better whether you’re bringing out your DSLR or taking a #selfie with a selfie spoon.