Tis' the season for Thanksgiving Eve, a night commonly known for hitting your hometown with old friends and probably making decisions that you'll regret while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade the next morning. Though the shenanigans you get yourself into might be unpredictable, one thing we can predict is your late night (and maybe early morning) cravings. To avoid scarfing down a whole turkey the night before T-Gives, McDelivery and Uber Eats are hooking you up with a ZERO DOLLAR DELIVERY FEE and a contest to go along with it. Yes, you read that right. Here's the inside scoop...

Alex Frank

Late-Night Grand Prize

Amelia Hitchens

According to a McDonald's Newsroom post, McDelivery is offering a $0 delivery fee through Uber Eats for a limited time! You can act on this awesome deal starting Thanksgiving Eve and running through Cyber Monday (Nov. 27th–Dec. 2nd). To add on to this excitement, you can also enter their giveaway that'll have you ready to conquer anything your next night out might throw at you. 

I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't enter this giveaway. The grand prize includes a year of free Late-Night McDelivery with Uber Eats AND a Late-Night Weekender Bag that'll have you feeling 100% the next day after a night out. Here's a full list of everything the Grand Prize entails: 

A year of Free Late-Night McDelivery with Uber Eats – how does this work? The winner will get an Uber Eats promo code to use during the year. No more empty tummies or unsatisfied cravings after a night out! 

A Hug It Out Pillow and This Night's a Wrap Blanket – Spending the night away from home and all the beds are already claimed? No worries. You have your Late-Night Weekender Bag and ALL of the necessities for feeling cozy! 

The McDelivery Meal Tray – I'm a big offender of wanting to eat in bed, especially for those late night cravings. Well, you can kiss those bed crumbs goodbye thanks to this handy Meal Tray. 

A Do Not Disturb Door Hanger – Let's face it, no one likes an early bird especially when you're tryna catch up on Zs. Luckily, this door hanger should do the trick and keep unwanted morning people out of your sweet (McDonald's) dreams.

The Sleep Well Eye Mask and Ear Plugs – If the door hanger fails as your first line of defense from the morning world, at least you have an eye mask and ear plugs to keep you sound asleep. 

A Next Day Tumbler – Whether you take your (very necessary) coffee piping hot or ice cold, this tumbler will keep it at a perfect temperature just for you. Sip on that coffee until you're feeling 100% human again. You'll thank McD's later. 

A Cold As Ice Pack – You just never know what you might get into late-night, and sometimes it ends in mystery bruises (been there, done that). Keep this ice pack on hand for those "just in case" moments! 

The Thankful for the Massage Chair – This has to be my personal favorite. A literal massage chair to keep you cool, calm and collected through the chaos that will likely ensue at your family party.

Amelia Hitchens

Even though there can only be one grand prize winner, your odds at winning some McDonald's swag are better than you think. There will be an additional FIFTY people awarded the Late-Night Weekender Bag and essentials! Fingers crossed, I'm rooting for you guys. 

How To Enter

Amelia Hitchens

All of this could be yours, and it's actually pretty easy to enter! For a chance to win, you must enter between November 27th and December 2nd. Just "tweet the McDonald’s menu item(s) you’d love having delivered by Uber Eats to satisfy your late-night cravings, tagging #McDelivery, #Sweepstakes, @McDonalds, @UberEats**."

Thanks to McDonalds, your Mom's Thanksgiving Turkey will stay safe and untouched in the fridge, and you won't have to worry about going hungry on Thanksgiving Eve. Your taste buds will be thanking you when you satisfy those late-night cravings, and your wallet will be pretty happy about that $0 delivery fee. So get out there and treat yourself on this T-Gives Eve! You might even end up being the grand prize winner. 

For more information, rules & regulations, visit https://rules.playatmcd.com/mcd19/thanksgivingeve/rules.