One lazy Sunday afternoon, my television airs a McDonald's commercial. It announces that McDonald's has paired with UberEATS to offer food delivery to our front doors. As I rush over to shut it, I see a man wearing a UberEATS hat walking to my front gate. He opens up his Ubereats carrier case and rings my doorbell. I open my door to the newest delivery service: McDelivery.

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Hana Baig

According to a McDonald's newsroom report, there are over 1,000 UberEATS services delivering McDonald's cuisine right to the customers' doors. A term coined, "McDelivery" consists of fan favorites of quick and affordable food delivered right to you. One might be thinking, this is the best thing to happen since the invention of the Internet right? 

Actually, the emergence of McDelivery has a positive and negative side to it. McDelivery has had a tremendous growth and many economic benefits since its launch. The popularity surrounding McDonalds has re-emerged with advertisements, promotions and an all around hype. According to the Ubereats partnership announcement, new and exclusive merchandise would be delivered along with the individual's order. 

There is a con as well. Based on the documentary, Supersize me, the diet of purely McDonald's could prove to be unhealthy. When fast food is added along with a convenience of not having to step outside of your home, the downside seems prophesied. Based on research from Mercola health, a study was conducted with a McDonalds only diet, and found that "the results were astounding. After just 10 days of eating fast food, his stool samples revealed that his gut microbes were "devastated" – about 40 percent of his bacteria species, amounting to over 1,400 different types, were lost. This severe loss of microbial diversity is a risk factor to obesity and diabetes."

The pros and cons are clear. The advice given is: everything can be good or bad for us. We just need to consume everything in moderation. Time will only tell if McDonald's being delivered to your door will be a positive or negative consequence.