Tuesday was a good day for breakfast lovers everywhere because Mcdonald’s announced that they will now be serving breakfast all day long.


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The Good News

The days of setting your alarm extra early just to taste those crunchy hash browns before class are officially over. Starting on October 6, McDonald’s will be offering breakfast items all. Day. Long.

According to McDonald’s President Mike Andres, we have the people to thank for the big move. Andres told USA TODAY, “It’s been the number one requested thing from our customers for years. The people have spoken and we are responding.”

In just the last year, the company has received about 120,000 tweets requesting breakfast items be served all day.

McDonald’s has been testing the move to all-day breakfast since March but it wasn’t taken to a vote and approved until Tuesday.

The Bad News

McDonald’s will only be offering a limited breakfast menu, which will include the staples of McDonald’s breakfast such as Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, hot cakes, hash browns, and a few more.

Unfortunately, this means you might still have to rush to your local Mickey D’s before 10:30 am if you want to get your hands on certain less popular, but still delicious, items.


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What’s Next?

Does this mean other fast food franchises are gonna hop on board the all-day breakfast train? Could breakfast burritos for lunch and chicken biscuits for dinner be in our not-so-distant future?

Hey Chick-Fil-A, looks like it’s your move.