Ever since I was a little kid, I remember watching the Macy's  Thanksgiving Day Parade while my mom was upstairs in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. From the Snoopy balloon soaring through the New York City skyscrapers, Disney stars singing on a Build-A-Bear float, to some of the nation's best marching bands and performers bringing it all together, it's a TV moment you just can't miss. 

But beyond the parade, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for some. So grab your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone, and have fun playing this Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade drinking game! There's no better way to pre-game Thanksgiving dinner than with an apple cider cocktail in hand, watching Santa Claus close the show. 

#SpoonTip: Spoon U does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Please play responsibly!  

Take a sip when...

Al Roker interviews the star of an NBC show. We get it. The Macy's Day Parade is on NBC and NBC has other shows.

A giant high school marching band performs. Take a big gulp if the band does a medley complete with killer moves.

The cast of a Broadway musical you've probably never heard of performs a song or two from the show. Take a big gulp if they have props.

A young pop star lip syncs to their biggest hit, while surrounded by children on a float. I'll be this even opens the parade. 

A cartoon character balloon flies amongst the buildings of NYC. OK, be careful with this one. This is a lot of sips. 

Big Bird & the Sesame Street gang sing a happy, positive song. I would expect nothing less. 

Take a shot when...

The news anchor desk is shown covered in more flowers than you would find at a wedding. It's a miracle you can even see Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie through it all.

The Rockettes come out in sparkly outfits and kick up their long legs to Christmas music. Seriously, how do that do that in unison?

The pilgrims with the oversized heads bring out the giant turkey float. Make it a double shot if the person on the turkey float is anyone that has anything to do with Food Network.

Finish your drink when...

The star of an NBC show Al Roker is interviewing is in a show related to emergency services. Fire, police, medical—you know what's up. 

The cast of the upcoming NBC live musical gives a preview of the show by performing a song. "Jesus Christ Superstar" is set to be next in the line-up.

The most anticipated moment of the parade, Santa, arrives to spread some holiday cheer. Santa is the man of the hour and the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so you absolutely have to finish your drink when he rolls up in his sleigh. 

When the parade ends (and you're possibly feeling a little lit), be thankful for all that you have this Thanksgiving, whether it's the family members surrounding you or the delicious food you're about to devour.