If you're reading this article, congrats.

You've just set foot on a virtual campus that offers studies in one subject only: food. Welcome to Spoon University, the student-based hub for all things edible. 

The best part? We've just launched a chapter at Marquette.

If writing about your favorite eats, networking with a fantastic group of fellow students and being broadcast on an international platform intrigues you, fill out an application to join here

Still not convinced? 

Here are four detailed reasons to hop in the gravy boat as soon as you can. 

1. Networking? More like Food Network-ing

Spoon has chapters at over 150 campuses, with more than 5,000 contributors worldwide. As part of a large online community, you'll have your work spread around the internet on a much wider scale than trying to start a blog from scratch.

As a nationally recognized publication, you’ll have your work in the same boat as creators at Buzzfeed and Food Network. Not to mention that you’ll get to share your voice among millions of site visitors

Social media also plays a huge role in sharing stories. If you're looking for more ways to show your family or friends across the country all the fun you've been having at school, here's a great opportunity to broadcast your life and boost your resume (see #4). 

Whether you're a budding food blogger, breakfast enthusiast with a knack for writing or an author who just happens to love ice cream, Spoon is the perfect community for you. 

We are also looking for awesome marketers and photographers, too! No matter your skill set or relationship with snacks, we have room for you on the team. 

2. Reviews, recipes, taste tests and more

As Marquette students, we already know Milwaukee’s food scene is fantastic. From swanky downtown brunch spots to campus classics like Sobelmann’s and taco trucks that pop up periodically on Wells St., there are endless opportunities to eat.

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Jennifer Walter

Wanna share re-creations of menu items from your favorite cafe? Take tons of photos so we can see your homemade spitting-image. Did you figure out how to create quality meals in a dorm microwave? Spill the beans so the rest of us can get cooking. Let’s show everyone that Milwaukee does it best.
sauce, chili, cheese, beer
Jennifer Walter

Spoon is your canvas to share all things culinary. Go crazy with exploring, taste testing and experimenting (unless you’re mixing pudding and hot Cheetos...we’ll take a solid pass on that). 

3. Multimedia Mania

Like those recipe videos you see on Facebook? Clean off your countertop, dust your hands with some flour and get ready to show off your skills.

While we may not be experts on making how-to videos, Spoon is the place to experiment. This is your creative platform to try out new mediums.

We encourage writers to try taking their own photos and photographers to write their own stories. Once you’re on the team, the possibilities are endless. It’s kind of like starting your own blog, but with a global audience just waiting to share your content. 

4. Small team, big goals

Being part of a budding student organization is the ultimate resume booster. Since we’ve just launched, you’ll be one of the defining members of this new chapter. As we establish Spoon on campus, you’ll be even more likely to have your voice heard and your ideas put into play. 

You'll get to look back at Marquette's Spoon chapter after you graduate and say, “Wow, I helped start that!” 

What are you waiting for? Go to spoonuniversity.com/apply to request an application before your cereal gets soggy.