Yo, Spoonies. Big news coming in hot from SpoonHQ. We partnered up with our homies at Food Network to take over their Snapchat Discover page every. Single. Saturday. You heard it here first (obviously), and this is not an April Fool’s joke (#tbt to the Nutella scare, sorry about that one).

We’re creating fre$h new content that’ll literally be at your fingertips while you nurse your hangovers, procrastinate in the library or turn up on a Saturday night. You’ll see some of your favorite SpoonHQ peeps saying wuddup at the start and end of the takeover (lol hello from the other side):

Kewl recipe videos:

Fun new segments, like “Taste the Trend” with Elena:

And, your favorite part about Spoon, #SpoonTip, because hacks are king:

And the Spoon office dogs — Kodi & Milo — will be hanging on there soon, so make sure to check back.

spoon university

Photo by Max Bartick

But don’t just tune in for Spoon University Saturdays — you can see Spoon articles and videos sprinkled into the Food Network Discover page every day of the week. Huzzah.