Mother's Day is coming up fast, and if you're anything like me, you're scrambling to find a gift for your mom. I think that, in truth, it's extremely difficult to find a gift that is representative of all the love and appreciation moms deserve. The best gifts come from the heart, and that's why a homemade gift for Mother's Day is the best way to go.

Homemade gifts are meaningful, yet relatively inexpensive. Nothing says "I love you" like taking your time to make a gift that she can truly enjoy, or even better, planning a creative night in and spending some quality time together. So, for all those who have moms who are seemingly impossible to shop for, check out these homemade gifts that your mom is bound to love. 

1. Breakfast in Bed

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Shelby Cohron

This is a classic, but a wonderful way to pamper your mom and start her Mother's Day off on the right foot. You can even customize the menu to include her favorite things. And, it never hurts to include a sweet card or flower arrangement.  

2. Mason Jar Mixes 

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Caitlin Shoemaker

Mason jars are just about the trendiest packaging for anything and everything. Use them as the "wrapping" for ready-made cake mix, cookie mix, or other delicious treats that can fire up your mom's sweet tooth. 

3. Homemade Jam 

jam, toast, sweet, berry
Amanda Shulman

Giving homemade jam is a sweet way to show you care. You can even use your mom's favorite fruits. Although it may seem like making jam takes a pastry-pro, the reality is that it can be very simple. This 2-ingredient raspberry jam is quick and easy, and can be given in a unique jar with a heartfelt tag to make it a gift that is truly special.   

4. Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce 

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Lauren Kaplan

The salty and sweet combination of salted caramel sauce is one that is pretty difficult to beat. This caramel sauce can be enjoyed on top of a scoop of ice cream, on top of a coffee drink, with apples, or as a filling between cookies. 

5. Homemade French Macarons

Sydney Youmans

However you pronounce them, French macarons are a light and tasty dessert that feel gourmet. The process of making them is a little more complicated that your average cookie, which is what makes giving them as a gift that much more special. These red velvet macarons really up the game, not to mention, look pretty classy.   

6. Homemade Edible Arrangement 

sweet, strawberry, watermelon, berry
Alexa Levitt

I grew up admiring these beautiful and delicious gifts. You can go the somewhat simpler route and send them through a company, choosing a fruit or even a cupcake option. But, for something that can highlight your crafty talents, you can skewer colorful fruits and add them to a styrofoam base for an impressive, homemade gift for Mother's Day. 

7. Gift Basket

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Amber Holte

This gift is a little less homemade, but is an ideal last minute option. Just collect some food items and arrange them in a basket with a card. Your options are unlimited. You could select the items around a theme, for example, components of a wine and cheese board, or just grab a bunch of your mom's favorite candies, food, baking supplies, or beverages. Your curated selection of goodies will be tailored just for her, showing how much you really care. 

8. Soft Pretzels

bagel, pretzel
Vienna Terrell

Pretzels are the most delectable combination of chewy, salty, and slightly sweet. You can also add toppings or dipping sauces based on what your mom likes. This recipe takes the guesswork out of making a homemade version of your favorite soft pretzel.  

9. Popcorn 

cereal, wheat, corn, popcorn, rice
Sara Carte

We've all seen those famous tins of popcorn, a tasty mix of cheddar and caramel and butter corn. Try your hand at making your own popcorn mix, which gives you an excuse to raid your spice cabinet for just the perfect combination of flavor. Don't be afraid to get creative. 

10. Homemade Granola

cereal, granola, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, sweet
Maia Vernacchia

I am fairly certain that granola is its own food group. OK, maybe not, but it is a treat that is a wonderful crunchy, sweet, and protein-packed addition to any breakfast. You can get creative with your mix of dried fruit, nuts, and flavors. Make a Nutella banana granola version, an extra crunchy version, or a maple cinnamon version—the possibilities are endless.  

11. Host a Pizza-Making Party 

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Yasmeen Aboulhawa

This gift is especially meaningful because it allows for some quality time with your mom. Pre-made pizza dough is very easy to come by these days, as it's offered in many grocery stores. However, it is surprisingly easy to make homemade dough as well, if you want to be extra authentic. You can also get creative with your toppings, and everyone at your pizza party can make a pizza that is perfect for them.  

12. Brownie Truffles 

chocolate, milk, candy, sweet, cream, milk chocolate
Izzi Clark

Chocolate treats are a classic gift and these brownie truffles are easy to make. You can even make them in your dorm room and send them home to your mom. They are the most decadent little bite-sized desserts, and maybe if you are lucky, your mom will share. But just to be safe, you might wanna make a batch for yourself too.

13. Bite-sized candies 

chocolate, coffee, candy, sweet, milk chocolate, milk
Christin Urso

Instead of buying a box of chocolates, try out this recipe for these mini snacks that pack delicious taste and are super easy to make. You can make them in an ice cube tray, so no fancy mold needed.  

14. Mini Mason Jar Lid Pies

raspberry, jam, cake, sweet
Stephanie Cozza

These mini pies are just so darn cute, and you can use store bought pie crust, which makes these pies so simple to make. You also do not need a special pan; instead, just use a mason jar lid. Or, as an alternative to the mason jar lids, you could use a muffin tin. For the amount of work required, these pies offer a big pay off—a perfectly portioned and Pinterest-worthy dessert.

15. Homemade Pickles

vegetable, cucumber, pickle, pepper, pickled cucumber, vinegar
Sarah Silbiger

These easy homemade pickles are the perfect addition to a cheese board or a sandwich, and are wonderful as a snack.  Making pickles may seem like a science, but this recipe breaks it down. After 20 minutes of hands-on prep and a couple days in the fridge, you'll have a jar of perfectly vinegary pickles.

This list gives only some of the options for thoughtful, homemade gifts for Mother's Day. Even if your gift doesn't turn out perfect, that's OK. The time and care it takes to make each gift will surely shine through and let your mom know she is appreciated this Mother's Day and every other day.