I’ll have to thank my roommate for this recipe since she works at the CIW dining hall. She spontaneously came up with an idea using some of the leftovers from the brownie tray. Students usually buy and bake pre-made cookie dough in their communal kitchen for a “homemade” sweet treat, but these brownie bites require only a bowl, spoon and maybe your fridge to help send your taste buds into pure bliss. Plus, you can make’em look super cute for gifts, parties or bake sales!


Prep time: 15 minutes
Chill time: at least 30 minutes
Total time: 15-60 minutes

Servings: as many as you can eat



Photo by Marci Green

1 large bowl
1 large spoon
Some kind of tray (or plate) that fits in the fridge
Wax paper
Brownies (Dining halls will have them throughout the week)
Some powdered sugar
Peanut butter and/or Nutella
Khalua or rum (optional)
Topping of choice (chopped nuts, M&M’s, melted chocolate, etc.) (optional)



Photo by Marci Green

1. Crumble as much brownie as you’d like into a bowl.


Photo by Marci Green

2. Spoon in about a ¼ cup of peanut butter or Nutella into the brownies and mix.


Photo by Marci Green

3. Add in a splash of Kahlua (coffee and rum) for an optional kick. I don’t drink, but according to my roommate, Kahlua is chocolate’s new soulmate (it goes better with Nutella than peanut butter).
4. Adjust the amounts until it comes together almost like cookie dough then roll them into little balls (it helps to wet your hands a little).


Photo by Marci Green

5. Refrigerate on a tray beforehand, if too soft then roll them in powdered sugar (yea, cake it on).


Photo by Marci Green

6. Customize your brownie bites with a coating of chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, icing or maybe even add some toffee bits and walnuts inside.

These brownie balls look awesome with the powdered sugar for the holidays and peanut butter/chocolate lovers who can’t bake will automatically love you. So, be wary!

If you decide to try these out, how would you customize your brownie truffles? Leave some comments down below!

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Photo by Marci Green, Design by Amber Chen