Imagine entering a Starbucks, waiting in line, anticipating your Pumpkin Spice Latte (or switch PSL to your favorite drink) and Ed Sheeran is your barista. Would you still be able to order or would you be star-struck? Personally, I’d go mute. The big question is, what was the singer doing in Starbucks? He’s not the only celeb casually working a shift. From Dunkin’ to Waffle House, celebrities have been seen working in the most random food establishments, and this trend is gaining traction. It’s almost like a PR’s version of Where’s Waldo because at this point, it’s probable that your favorite celeb will be serving you your bacon-egg-and-cheese at your local bodega. Some do it to promote a new album or project or visit a local food institution while on tour. Others seemingly have no reason other than to cosplay as a server. So, here’s a ranking list of celebrities working at a restaurant/food establishment this year, based on how strange, wild, or crazy it was.

Lana Del Rey: Waffle House 

I couldn’t start this list without Ms. Summertime Sadness! This was a sighting that left the internet speechless — it was just an all-around “HUH?!” moment. Around mid-July, Lana Del Rey was seen filling coffee orders at Waffle House and singing “Amazing Grace” with a diner as he ate his breakfast (honestly, I wish was him). But the internet didn't really figure out why she was there. 

Ed Sheeran: The Wieners Circle 

Let’s + on to this with Ed Sheeran’s latest appearance at The Wieners Circle. On July 29th, Sheeran served up 100 hot dogs during his 10-minute shift just before performing to a record-breaking crowd of 73,000 fans at the Soldier Stadium. In a matter of hours, photos and videos flooded social media of Sheeran slinging hotdogs. “Not every day I’m running to the @TheWienerCircle in Chicago to get a hot dog from Ed Sheeran,” posted customer Erin Parro on X.

I bet this was the most chaotic 10 minutes of Sheeran’s life.

Ariana Madix: Raising Cane’s 

Just a week after the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 finale, Ariana was picking up a shift at Raising Cane’s in the most stylish way. Is that even possible?? Well, she pulled it off. This PR stunt was just as good as her Duracell commercial also known as the best way to throw shade at an ex.

Joe Jonas: Walmart 

Though not technically working at Walmart, the Jonas brother had a table set up to promote his Fizzy White Sangria. Last Wednesday, he posted on his story, “Thank you to everyone who came to say hello today at the Walmart @drinkohza event!” 

Photo via @joejonas/Instagram

Like, imagine walking into Walmart and Joseph Adam Jonas is at a pop-up trying to sell you sangria. Anddd yes, I’ll take 3 boxes please, and thank you.

David Letterman: Hy-Vee 

Just a couple of days, after Lana was spotted in Waffle House, late-night host David Letterman, worked a shift at one of the Hy-Vee supermarket stores in Des Moines, Iowa. In the three-minute video, Letterman restocks canned goods (drinks a soup too), bags groceries, and takes control of the intercom announcing that “today and today only” celery was “absolutely free.” 

Ed Sheeran (Again): Starbucks 

Ed Sheeran is probably the king of picking up shifts — he even worked at a Lego store to promote his tour, talk about dedication! “Launching the Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate the announce of Autumn Variations here in Seattle,” he writes in an Instagram post. “Thanks for having me @starbucks, if you gave me your name I gave you a new one, for I am the barista of joy. Autumn is coming, September 29th.”

Ed Sheeran is just completing side quests and I’m loving every moment of it. 

Ben Affleck: Dunkin’

Seeing Ben Affleck working at Dunkin’ might be the most normal on this list. Have you seen his obsession with the brand? A true Bostonian if you ask me.

His commercial premiered during the Super Bowl LVII and just looked like he was living his dream. Airing during the first quarter of the game, the commercial shows Affleck greeting customers in a Medford, MA drive-thru. “How can it be this inexpensive and good?” he wonders over the loudspeaker — same Affleck, same.