With finals season around the corner, we'll soon be leaving the comfort of our rooms for the old desks and uncomfortable chairs of the library. I know that for many of us, the library becomes the place where I eat, sleep, and fail to be merry during finals week. It's very easy to get caught up in the stress of finals and one can forget that the library is a shared space. I know that we all have to eat, but some foods should be left outside the library.


Abbie Ginis

It's true that carrots are a healthy and easy study snack, but no one wants to hear you chewing and crunching at the desk next to them.

Lo Mein

pasta, spaghetti, vegetable, sauce
Haya Qureini

Libraries can be a safe space, but they can also be a smelly place. Let me tell you from experience, lo mein fills the entire space with its greasy and delicious aroma.

#SpoonTip: Order Chinese take out and enjoy it outside of the library as a study break.


salt, chips, potato, corn, french fries
Emily Palmer

Like carrots, chips are an easy on-the-go snack when you're cramming in the library late at night, but they're impossible to chew quickly and the crinkling of the bag will probably drive your peers crazy. 


pizza, pepperoni, cheese, crust, mozzarella, dough, tomato, sauce, frozen pizza
Amy Yi

We all love pizza, but when it's smelling up the entire section of the library you're sitting in, people tend to love it less. 


apple, juice, pasture, sweet
Kelly Ho

I'm sorry, but it's practically impossible to chew an apple quietly. When the library is at its full final season capacity, you need all the quiet you can get. 

French Fries

french fries, salt, potato, chips, fish and chips
Spoon University

Everyone loves French fries, so if you're aiming to make all those around you studying jealous, then I definitely suggest bringing them into the library.


jam, sweet
Kelli Haugh

Soup is a warm and filling study break snack that should be enjoyed outside of the library where those around you won't be affected by your inevitable slurping. 

Cheese Quesadilla 

meat, vegetable, pancake, chicken quesadilla, bread
Wendy Zhou

To me, there's nothing better than Mexican food, but sometimes the delicious smell can be overpowering, especially when you're trying to study.