Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 and is a great time to support Latinx- and Hispanic-owned brands. In that light, thanks to the help of some incredible Latinx and Hispanic influencers, plus some of our own favorites, here’s a list of 18 Latinx- and Hispanic-owned food brands you won’t want to miss this month or the rest of the year. Purchasing from smaller businesses is a great way to discover new foods while also showing support. Plus, you can form connections with people from other cultures or dive deeper into your own.  

1. Siete Foods

Whether you are gluten-free or not, look no further than Siete for chips, sauces, tortillas, and more. The brand strives to “value humility, foster diversity, and love people always” through the food and grain-free commitment. The tortilla chips and tortillas in particular have been a staple for many gluten-sensitive people, and if you aren’t gluten free, I bet you’d love them.

2. Kuali Salsa

Kuali was founded during the pandemic by a married couple who wanted to share their Mexican culture with the U.S. through salsa. The flavor of their salsa is complex, spicy, and delicious. Kuali even recommends putting their salsa on ice cream.

3. Bimbo

Bimbo started out as a bakery in Mexico City before it grew into the company it is today. They offer a huge selection of delicious baked goods like bread, muffins, and donuts. Matthew Torres says their products are his comfort food, and a “staple” in his house.

4. Tapatio Hot Sauce

Matthew Torres is also a huge supporter of Tapatio and claims that “this is the ONLY big brand of hot sauce [he] will put on [his] food.” Tapatio is celebrating its 52nd anniversary this year, so if you haven’t spiced up your life with their hot sauce before, now is the time.

5. Salud

Salud makes clean drink sticks that are low in sugar and good for your health and wellness. They have “the best flavors you can think of,” says Hilda Franco, so you can get your hydration and love it, too.

6. Todo Verde Seasoning

Vegan and versatile — say less! The owner of Todo Verde, Jocelyn Ramirez, is a female chef who wants to inspire home cooks everywhere with her plant-based taco seasoning blend. And, spoiler alert, her seasoning can be used on more than just tacos.

7. Takis

You've probably seen or heard of Takis, the spicy chip brand part of the larger Grupo Bimbo. I vividly remember the burning sensation in my mouth when I tried them for the first time. However, they do have chips that aren’t spicy, and most of their products can be found in chain retailers like Target and Safeway. 

8. De La Calle Tepache

Coming to you with flavors from the streets of Mexico is De La Calle’s Tepache. If you don’t know what tepache is, it’s a fermented pineapple beverage with added spices believed to be invented by the Aztecs. De La Calle’s recipe blends “traditional and modern ingredients in a quest to create something that is deeply drinkable and happy to be healthy!”

9. Aguabonita

Another amazing Latinx woman-owned company, Aguabonita serves traditional aguas frescas that are plant-based and lower in sugar. Kayla Castañeda, the founder, was inspired by her grandpa’s attempts to reduce food waste by bringing home overripe fruit that they would then turn into aguas frescas. Because of this, Kayla works to rescue produce that would otherwise go to landfill and turn it into her delicious beverages.

10. Coffee Del Mundo

This list wouldn’t be complete without coffee, and Jonathan Kinnard, the Afro-Latino founder and CEO of Coffee Del Mundo, wants you to experience coffee as it was meant to be. Coffee Del Mundo is based in L.A., but you can order its beans, coldbrew, and K-Cup pods online if you don’t live close to the original coffee shop. Its beans come from Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia to bring you a variety of rich flavors. The brand is also committed to being 100% dairy free.

11. Lasto Foods Nut Butter

Lasto Foods offers a variety of almond butters and peanut butters that contain no added oils, sugars, salts, or emulsifiers. Additionally, the butters come in squeezy bottles for ease of access. The pumpkin spice almond butter or cinnamon almond butter is a great purchase during Hispanic Heritage Month because fall has finally arrived.

12. Pink and Boujee

All I have to say is: pink tacos. Pink and Boujee is a Latina-owned food truck located in L.A. that sells pink Mexican food. Not only is this photo-worthy food, but it tastes great, too. The next time you head to L.A., be sure to give them a visit.

13. Mikuna

For all the athletes out there, Mikuna has your back with its clean, plant-based protein. Mikuna was founded by a fifth generation farmer in Ecuador named Ricky Echanique, who was also a professional athlete. Because of personal health issues, he began searching for plant-based proteins which eventually led him to “Chocho: the ‘Andean Super Protein.'”

14. I Love Chamoy

Chamoy is an essential condiment in Mexico, but when founder Annie’s father was diagnosed with diabetes, he could no longer have chamoy because of health reasons. That’s what inspired Annie to create the official I Love Chamoy recipe that is sweetened with monk fruit instead of sugar, enabling everyone to share in a part of her culture.  

15. Nemi Snacks

Nemi Snacks makes its cactus sticks from sustainable ingredients that reflect Aztec tradition and culture. With flavors like smoked chipotle, chili turmeric, churro cinnamon, and Mexican lime, it is sure to be your next snacking addiction.

16. Quiero Prints

Quieroprints is Latina-owned and sells gifts and stationery. Reyna’s products are all designed under her belief that “home is not a place, but a feeling.”

17. OF Boutique

OF Boutique sells beautiful handmade Mexican items like sandals, tablecloths, ponchos, jewelry, blankets, and clothes. You can tell a lot of love goes into every item.

18. Lola’s Mercadito

Last but not least, Lola’s Mercadito celebrates Mexican culture through her artisan products like vanilla bean extract, aprons, decor, blankets, clothes, and so much more. Lola also offers cooking classes and an array of treasured family recipes.