Growing up in Miami, I was exposed to a variety of different cuisines, but mostly Hispanic. Miami holds arguably the best Hispanic food, but especially pastries. If you're thinking of trying some different Hispanic cuisines but don't want to completely immerse yourself, start off with a small pastry. I'm here to be your guide to the delightful world that is Hispanic pastries. Let's get you testing the waters by trying something similar to your favorite foods:

Are you into...

Tacos? Try a beef empanada:

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Empanadas are so diverse. They can come baked or fried, Colombian or Argentinian, chicken or ham and cheese. If you're looking for a meat fix, go with a fried beef empanada. It has a similar crunch to a hard-shell ground beef taco with a whole lotta flavor. Pair it with some hot salsa typically served on the side.

Mozzarella sticks? Try a tequeño:

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It's essentially a Hispanic mozzarella stick. Cheese on the inside with a breaded surface. The difference here is that queso blanco is used rather than mozzarella and strips of dough are wrapped around the cheese rather than breaded with breadcrumbs. 

PB&J? Try a guava pastelito:

The perfect salty and sweet mix. The irresistible guava filling of a pastelito resembles the sweet filling of jelly in your classic PB&J sandwich. The flaky dough exterior has just the right amount of saltiness to complement the sweet filling as peanut butter does to jelly. Warning: pastelitos are addicting. Just ask these homesick college kids.

Chicken nuggets? Try a croqueta:

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Croquetas can come in chicken, fish, and most commonly ham and cheese filling. This bite size staple is loved for its soft chewy, yet flavorful taste. They're perfect small snacks and breaded on the outside with a soft protein feeling. It's no wonder that Miami locals are crazy for them.

Bagel and cream cheese? Try pandebono:

A chewy bread creation with a subtle taste of cheese. Pandebono, a Colombian cheese bread, is similar to a small dinner roll with the exception that cheese is intertwined with the risen dough. The subtle taste of cheese is optimal for any cheese addict.