When it comes to food, there really is no place like home. Especially if you're from Miami. Living in Miami, you're used to seeing an array of cuisine options to choose from on any street you go to. But when you move away, you know the options are limited and can get repetitive.

There's only so much you can do to help cope with your South Florida withdrawals. Even if we find similar restaurants, they always fall short and we know we're missing out. Nothing beats coming back home and eating these nine foods.

1. Croquetas

Croquetas are tiny bundles of breaded, creamy ham heaven. It's no wonder that they're considered a staple in Hispanic cuisine. Numerous restaurants have devised their own unique take on the croqueta including fillings from fig, mac and cheese, and shrimp, to name a few. However, the best original ham croqueta in Miami is still attributed to Islas Canaries

#SpoonTip: Pair with a colada to make the most out of your meal.

2. Knaus Berry Farm Cinnamon Rolls

The infamous hour-long lines are completely worth the wait. People are willing to put up with these exhausting lines as long as it means you get to come out with a fresh cinnamon roll. Given that Knaus Berry Farm is only open from November to mid-April, it's no surprise that people are trying to stock up on these renowned cinnamon rolls while they still can.

3. Pollo Tropical

pollo tropical tropichop

goodiesfirst on Flickr

If you live in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, or still in Florida, you're lucky enough to still have a Pollo Tropical in your area (even if it's just one). But we know the Pollos outside of Miami just don't hit the spot like the ones back home. Some locations don't even offer the same Pollo favorites that the ones back home do (e.g., Pollo Tropical at FSU doesn't have mango iced tea on the menu).

4. Cuban Bread

And all foods made with this crucial staple. Whether it's a media noche or just a simple tostada, you can't go wrong with Cuban bread.

5. Robert Is Here Shakes

Another well known farm that has captured the hearts of many in South Florida. Robert Is Here is known for their natural fruit, milkshakes, and honey that can't be beat.

6. Key Lime Pie

The Keys— the place where it all started. There's no doubt that the best key lime pies in the world are located down south at the place of their creation. These tangy treats can't be made this good anywhere else. 

7. Empanadas

File:Empanada - Stu Spivack.jpg

Image from WikiCommons

Doesn't matter if it's deep fried or baked, Colombian or Argentinian, beef or chicken. They're irresistible. I'll admit... my mother shipped me ten empanadas of assorted fillings while I was in Tallahassee. I ate them in three days.

8. Pastelitos

You know you can't just have one of these sugar-coated cheese/guava pastries. Your local Cuban bakery will thank you for your party order (there's no shame in eating the whole thing yourself).

9. Carne Asada and Gallo Pinto

An iconic Nicaraguan duo with queso frito and plantains making special appearances. Overly generous portions of meat and at such decent prices? Your local Fritanga will definitely hook you up.

Cherish your last few days home with these beloved local treasures. If you can't stand to let them go, stock up on your favorites and enjoy them while they last. Or eat them within three days like me.