Most South Floridians can agree that South Florida is almost an entirely different state. Its people, culture, and of course, cuisine are unlike anywhere else in the U.S. What makes South Florida so unique is the multitude of different cultures that come together to create a gastronomic treat like none other. 

Taking a drive down any street in Miami, you're likely to encounter numerous dining options of different cultures such as Cuban, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Mexican, and so much more. These Latin and Caribbean cuisines are what make up the diverse taste palette that is SoFlo. Taking a drive down a street in Tallahassee, now that's a different story. Tallahassee is filled with quick fast food stops to satisfy a busy student on the go. But sometimes, one just really needs to have a traditional home-cooked meal, and if you're from South Florida, you know just what that consists of

*The restaurants are listed in no particular order and do not reflect the opinion of the Spoon University at Florida State Staff in its entirety.

Here's a quick guide to the best places in Tallahassee to satisfy your South Florida fix.

1. Gordo's Cuban Cuisine

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Tiffany Ospina-Suarez

The first cuisine anyone thinks of when they think of Miami is Cuban. And reasonably so considering that the majority of Latin restaurants in Miami are Cuban. There's no need to long for croquetas and coladas from back home when you can find them right here at Gordo's Cuban Cuisine. Gordo's offers a variety of classic pressed sandwiches such as the media noche and pan con lechon as well as traditional Cuban dinner plates like my personal favorite, picadillo. If you're unfamiliar with any of these terms, it's not too late to learn. Other local alternatives include Carlos' Cuban Grill and Habana's Boardwalk.

2. Super Perros

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Tiffany Ospina-Suarez

When I start craving empanadas, there's nothing that can satisfy the urge except the treasure itself, the Colombian empanada. And I know I'm not the only oneJust a fifteen minute walk off campus is Tallahassee's only Colombian restaurant, Super Perros. Super Perros includes Colombian classics like empanadas, arepas, and bandeja paisa. Take a seat inside with Colombian-themed decor or sit outside on the rustic patio chairs surrounded by string lights. Either way, pa las que sea.

3. G&G Caribbean Restaurant

A large portion of the South Floridian population is from the many islands of the Caribbean. G&G Caribbean Restaurant offers the most sought after Caribbean delicacies. Stop by to try their curry chicken, Jamaican patties, oxtail, and Jamaican sodas.

4. La Tiendita

Homestead is known in South Florida for having the most authentic, flavorful Mexican food. Although there are a lot of Mexican options (mostly Tex Mex) in Tallahassee, La Tiendita is your go-to for the optimal authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy their variety of tacos, gorditas, and guacamole. Make sure to ask about their fresh homemade juices of the day!

5. El Viroleño

As someone of Nicaraguan descent, I need my Central American fix. El Viroleño is the best cure and closest to the food of my family's home country. There's no going wrong with an order of pupusas and their homemade coleslaw. Buen provecho

Although these places are not completely on par with South Florida establishments, they certainly mend a homesick heart and provides comfort. That being said, 305 does it best.