While scrolling through my usual feed of food pics on Instagram a couple weeks ago, I came across delectable breakfast tacos that were made with almond flour tortillas. As a Mexican food fanatic and primarily paleo-eater, the idea of tacos for breakfast was exciting by itself, but the fact that they were entirely grain-free had me hooked.

Started by a Mexican-American family of seven from South Texas, Siete Foods produces grain-free tortillas and chips that can be incorporated into any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Co-founder and President Veronica Garza adopted a grain-free diet after being diagnosed with several debilitating autoimmune conditions and began making grain-free tortillas in order to continue eating the Mexican cuisine that she adored. After receiving extremely positive feedback from her family and friends about the tortillas, Siete Foods was born with the goal of sharing her tasty recipe with the world.

Since they're made with all natural and pure ingredients, Siete's products contain fewer carbs and more nutrients than regular tortillas, without compromising taste. They are also paleo, non gmo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. The company's various types of tortillas include almond flour, cassava and coconut, as well as cassava and chia.

Loved by some of Instagram’s favorite health food bloggers, particularly @rachaelsgoodeats, Siete Foods has become the go-to for tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and nachos. Keep reading for a few ways to enjoy these tortillas. 

Breakfast: Tacos

Tacos are great, but eating them for breakfast is even better. With just avocado, spinach, and a crispy egg, these tacos are loaded with healthy fats, greens, and protein to help power your day. 

Lunch: Quesadilla

Quesadillas are one of my favorite foods! This crispy chicken and vegetable quesadilla combines the rich flavors of cilantro and sautéed bell peppers with the delightful texture of roasted pumpkin seeds. Add some guac to make this meal even more tasty and to increase your intake of healthy fats.

Dinner: Tomatillo Enchiladas 

Enchiladas are a popular Mexican food menu item known for their spicy sauces and intricate garnishes. Wrapped in Siete Foods tortillas, these chicken enchiladas are perfect for dipping in Rachael Devaux's homemade tomatillo sauce. Made with simple ingredients, these enchiladas are packed with enough flavor guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Siete Foods tortillas are a delicious way to pack in essential nutrients and cut the extra carbs found in regular tortillas. Make sure to head to your nearest Whole Foods to pick up Siete tortillas and chips for the next #tacotuesday hosted at your house!