With Christmas and Secret Santa gift exchanges around the corner, the time to get gifts is tight. There are two types of people in the holiday season: those with their presents wrapped and alphabetized, and those still hungover from Grandma’s secret turkey recipe, wallet-blown and gift-less after Black Friday.

If you’re like me, shopping can wait until the last minute, because who actually wants to brave the cold and throngs of holiday shoppers? But when awkward family reunions roll around, and you either have no time to bake something or your moral compass won't let you be unhealthy (curse you, aisles of holiday chocolate on sale), what do you do for presents?

Answer: strap on your warmest winter gear (or curl up with a laptop and homemade hot chocolate), and indulge in these useful and unique last-minute gifts without breaking your piggy bank. With prices all under $5, there’s no excuse not to bring joy to your fellow foodies.

#SpoonTip: Check with your local retailer for availability and other sales. Several cute things can go for under $10, if you have more to spend.

1. Brownie Iron Skillet ($5.00)

bread, cookie, chocolate, dairy product, butter, pastry, cream, cake, sweet
Meredith Davin

Move over mug cakes, because a brownie iron skillet is all you need to feel like the champion of desserts (and breakfast). Brownies don’t suit your taste? Try the cookie iron skillet, or even indulge in the cinnamon roll skillet.

2. Tea Infuser ($4.99)

herbal tea, black tea, green tea, herb, tea
Ana Cvetkovic

With all the rage of sloth-shaped tea infusers, why not take a leap of faith and invest in a tea infuser for the slow mornings? Or if floating lotuses are your thing, you can also try this pack of two.

3. Coffee Cup Stress Toy ($2.99)

Finally, you can have your food and play with it too with a coffee cup stress toy. No need to act childish when you can literally take your stress out on caffeine, and not spike your blood sugar. Not a coffee addict? Try other vegetables, or even a taco.

4. Milk Frother ($2.79)

Dylan Barth

Don't burn yourself using a mason jar to create the perfect foam for your latte. Whether to practice your latte art or make creamy hot chocolates, a milk frother is the best friend you wish you had earlier.

5. Ice Pop Maker ($1.99)

ice, strawberry, watermelon
Jackie Kuczynski

It may be winter, but that doesn't mean you can't get ready for summer with homemade ice pops. Forego your usual coffee or tea and instead spice it up with unconventional combinations. 

Of course, you can’t get cuter than making your own mixes, or if you want, treat yourself to some gifts for surviving another holiday rush.