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It's half way through December, which means you are running out of time to get all your gifts in order for your friends and family. This list is for all the procrastinators and forgetful gift-givers. It's got items you can buy that will come in time for the holiday or recipes you can make for a homemade present.


1. Patagonia Provisions Mackerel Pack, $24

Image by Patagonia Provisions

Gift this tinned fish set from Patagonia to the trendy food friend in your group. They are probably the one who has been trying to get the rest of you to taste that viral tinned mussels on corn cracker snack.

2. momofuku Noodle Lover's Box, $49

Photo via momofuku

You don't have to settle for just any old noodle, when beloved and renowned brand momofuku is here with their Noodle Lover's Box. Sample their delicious Soy & Scallion Noodles, Sweet & Spicy Noodles, and Tingly Chili Wavy Noodles to find which you like best. Plus, this gift box comes with a set of chopsticks and offers free shipping. 

3. SFOGLINI Cascatelli Pasta, $9.99

Image by Amazon

This shape of pasta, called cascatelli, is the perfect shape. It has got nooks and crannies for sauce, can be easily forked, and is super satisfying to bite into. Your food-loving bestie will definitely know the story behind it and be pumped you bought it for them.

4. Wander + Ovy Wine Lover's Box, $34

Photo via Wander + Ivy

These four bottles of single-serve wine are perfect for groups of friends who each have different wine preferences. A bottle will never go to waste!

5. Russ & Daughters Chocolate Babka and Cinnamon Babka, $30

Photo via Goldbelly

I LOVE babka. The sweet crunchy layers peel apart to reveal the soft cinnamon or chocolate insides. It's the best sweet bread out there. And there's no better than Russ & Daughters in New York City. With Goldbelly, this bread duo ships mere hours after it's baked.

6. Shatila Bakery Baklava Pastry Tray, $49.95

Photo via Goldbelly

Isn't this the most gorgeous box of sweets you've ever seen? Shatila Bakery in Michigan ships out this box of 60 pieces of assorted baklava, including bird nests baklava, mini roses baklava, chewy knafeh-wrapped pistachio baklava, and cashew burmas baklava, orange-scented cashew baklava, pistachio basma baklava, and crispy ballourie baklava made with shredded filo. 

7. Fly By Jing Shorty Spice Set, $25

Photo via Fly By Jing

Know someone who would love a little spice in their life? This hot mix of Fly By Jing condiments is just for them. It comes with three different spicy mixes: the OG chili crisp, a mala spice mix of 11 herbs and spices, and Zhong sauce, a spicy and tangy umami-rich sauce.


1. Rhubarb Thyme Batch Cocktails

Holly Parker

Making a cocktail from scratch is an unexpected gift. You can make then the day before gifting, pour it into mason jars, and keep it refrigerated until exchanging.

2. Copycat Levain Cookies

Emma Stoloff

Cookies from the famous Levain Bakery are the best — don't fight me on this. Bake a dozen of these, pack them up with ribbons, and your gift-giving is done.

3. Snickerdoodle Loaf

Eva Reynolds

This loaf of bread made with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar is waaay better than any banana bread. And one of my favorite Spoon recipes.

4. Granola

Betsy Winick

Get yourself a couple mason jars, make this salty and sweet granola recipe, and add a bow. It makes for a great holiday snack or hearty breakfast.

5. Hot Chocolate Mix

Olivia Chadwick

Everybody loves a hot chocolate mix. They taste way better than the powdered stuff, and this recipe has a peppermint twist.