For a limited time only (until June 19th, to be exact), you could purchase Starbuck's drinks from Lady Gaga's Cups of Kindness Collection, in which $0.25 from each purchase would go towards her Born This Way Foundation, an organization committed to supporting and empowering the wellness of young people. The donations stopped after the 19th, but Starbucks will continue to serve the drinks. The iced-drink line consists of two new drinks in addition to two pre-existing ones, each under 150 calories for a grande size. Lucky for you, they are all dairy-free as well!

Each drink looks pretty gorgeous, so which one should you buy? If you're familiar with Lady Gaga's most recent tunes, or just enjoy music in general, I've made it pretty easy for you to decide which refreshing cup you should purchase. If you like these songs, you'll definitely like the drinks they're paired up with. 

1. The Violet Drink: "Just Another Day" from Joanne

blueberry, milk, cream, chocolate
Ally Tobler

This new drink was greatly anticipated - and for a good reason. The moment I took a sip, I knew this drink would be my favorite of the four. A twist on the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, this one also incorporated coconut milk for an added creaminess. But the real fruit bits gave it an additional citrus-y kick that reminded me of imminent summertime. It reminded me of upbeat, sunny melodies, so that's why I believe the Violent Drink, in another lifetime, would be Lady Gaga's "Just Another Day" from her most recent album, Joanne. Like most of her songs on that album, this one has a country flair, but still gives off happy-go-lucky vibes of simplicity. The electric guitar solo at the beginning of the song reminds me of the jolt of flavor and energy I got from just the initial sip. Listen to this song and if you like it, I'd say you should definitely spend your money on the Violet Drink. 

2. Matcha Lemonade: "The Cure" (Single) 

cocktail, tea, juice, lime, ice, lemonade
Ally Tobler

The Matcha Lemonade drink is the second new drink that was added to the Starbucks menu for a limited time. Its novelty mirrors that of the song I chose for it: "The Cure," which happens to be a single by Lady Gaga that was released this past April. Not only did I think this drink (a mix of lemonade and Teavana matcha tea) could actually "cure" me by removing all the bad toxins in my body with its pure tastiness, but I also think it was as cool and crisp as the song itself. The sourness of the lemonade was well-balanced by the smoothness of the matcha tea. This created a certain edge; a taste that I've never experienced before. It just so happens that it made me want to snap my fingers, just like in the song.

3. Ombré Pink Drink: "Dancin' In Circles" from Joanne

cocktail, lemonade, soda, strawberry, ice, vodka
Ally Tobler

The Ombré Pink Drink is apparently not new to Starbuck's lovers, but it's odd yet unique taste was definitely new to me. To give it it's appealing look, Starbuck's uses a melange of different drinks: Cool Lime Refresher Beverage, Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Passion Tango, a lot of coconut milk (as you can see) and lastly, a lime wedge. It reminded me of a toned-down Creamsicle, but honestly I think I would've rather been eating that. It's weird combination of flavors reminded me of Lady Gaga's "Dancin' In Circles," a song that incorporates a multitude of instruments (like a tambourine, for example) and voice variations, from shouting to whispering. Don't get me wrong, the drink and the song are both still enjoyable, but they did not ending up being my favorites. 

4. Pink Drink: "A-YO" from Joanne

coffee, strawberry, milk, chocolate
Ally Tobler

This drink is as light as it sounds. It is essentially a Strawberry Açai Refresher with a dash of coconut milk, no more and no less. But that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a punch. It's passion fruit accent is reminiscent of spring. It isn't too sweet, rather, it has more of a tart flavor. That's why I picked out Lady Gaga's "A-YO" from Joanne as it's perfect match. This song immediately picks up in the beginning, with a heartily-singing Lady Gaga and clapping. This song is deviates from most Lady Gaga songs because of its country sounds, but it still exemplifies her passion and energy, just like the Pink Drink. If you like this upbeat song, you will only love the Pink Drink as well.

Before time runs out, buy your limited time only Lady Gaga Starbucks drinks today! And don't forget to listen to her songs first before you make any tough decisions.