Lady Gaga is making your Starbucks run a bit more charitable this week. Starting tomorrow, June 13, Starbucks is collaborating with Gaga on four dairy-free iced drinks to cool you down from the summer heat. The best part is that 25 cents from each purchase goes to her Born This Way foundation. The Cups of Kindness campaign is a game changer for all Starbucks and Lady Gaga lovers alike, so go there immediately. JK, but the Starbucks Cups of Kindness event is only going on from June 13-19, so go in early and often to help out those in need. 

Here is the lowdown on what exactly is in these drinks and why you gotta go get yourself one (or all four). Spoiler Alert: these drinks will be killer on the Insta. 

What are the Drinks?

Starbucks is releasing two new drinks for the Cups of Kindness campaign: the Matcha Lemonade and the Violet Drink, along with some oldies. Apologies to the Pink Drink and the Ombré Pink Drink, but you're kinda old news. 

The Violet Drink is what I'm most excited about. It's a fresh update on the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher drink, as the drink is now mixed with coconut milk instead of water. Expect an aesthetically pleasing mix of refreshing summer goodness. 

The Matcha Lemonade is exactly what it sounds like: an Iced Matcha Tea mixed with Lemonade. This is the one that Lady Gaga is most excited about — “I adore the entire collection and I instantly fell in love with the Matcha Lemonade,” she said in a press release.

All these drinks are a good choice nutritionally. All beverages are made with coconut milk, and they are all under 150 calories, even for a grande. It's the perfect light summer treat.

What About the Charity? 

The Born This Way Foundation does some seriously cool shit. Lady Gaga is a famous mental health advocate, and her foundation is based in those tenants. Born This Way hosts "programs that support youth wellness and empowerment by fostering kindness, improving mental health resources, and creating more positive environments."

So whether you want to drink for a cause or drink for the Insta, these drinks will be pulling double duty. And if you're not able to make it in for the Cups of Kindness event, all four drinks will be around all summer. Don't fret, this ain't no Unicorn Frappuccino situation.