Vegans, lactards and health-conscious people alike, get pumped up because Starbucks is adding coconut milk to their menu in just under two weeks. Starting February 17, you can order any drink from the Starbucks menu with coconut milk for an additional 60 cents, the same amount they currently charge for soy milk.


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This won’t be your run-of-the-mill coconut milk, either. Shocker, but the Seattle-based coffee company is producing their own certified vegan coconut milk made from single origin coconuts sourced from the island of Sumatra.

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Starbucks has been looking for the right non-dairy alternative for a while now, and ended up opting for coconut over almond milk, an equally trendy beverage, for allergen reasons.


As a company dedicated to the continuous innovation of its products, Sbux takes its customers’ thoughts seriously. The idea for adding a soy-free and dairy-free option came from a proposal posted to Starbucks’ suggestion site, After over 84,000 people vouched for coconut to be the go-to, Starbucks made its move.

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Along with making customers happy, many speculate this move is also an attempt for Starbucks to separate themselves from other coffee chains and independent storefronts.

Your move, Dunkin’.

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