By now, it's pretty obvious that Kylie Jenner has become somewhat of a celeb foodie — she even has her own cooking show on her website. Beyond that, she's often seen eating various foods on her Snapchat and Instagram, whether they be fast food or a home cooked meal by hers truly. To showcase Kylie's rise to foodie ~qween~ here are some of her greatest food moments on social media.

The time she visited the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC

Not all of us are lucky enough to travel to this epic museum, but for Kylie, it's probably just a private jet ride away. She documented her trip on her Snapchat, which included this pic of a tiny charcoal ice cream cone, a new trend that you should obviously try if Kylie's into it. 

The time she documented her entire Thanksgiving feast

It goes without saying that holidays are always a pretty big event within the Kardashian-Jenner household. Last year, Kylie hosted Turkey Day at her own crib, complete with almost every side dish you can imagine all looking beyond yummy. I certainly would've left with the biggest food baby ever if I was in attendance. 

The time she celebrated National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day is obviously a pretty big deal for Kylie— she posted this snap of some pretty glorious looking doughnuts to commend the holiday. I'm sure she probably ended up sharing with her also glorious friends, but if not, I'm so proud.

The time she made our breakfast dreams come true with banana pancakes

Kylie showed Snapchat how to really enjoy the most important meal of the day with her fluffy banana pancakes. Like a true chef, she takes us step-by-step in her process for making them, including measurements, meaning we can all recreate them to truly wake up and feel like King Kylie ourselves.  

The time she made drinking iced coffee look supremely incredible

I don't think any of us have ever managed to look this good drinking iced coffee. I wonder, is Kylie Team Starbucks or Team Dunkin'

The time she made homemade tacos

Kylie does a lot of home cooking, which proves that while she's a famous celeb, she's also just like us, right? In this series of Snaps, Kylie shows herself cooking a delicious shrimp filling, mixing up pico de Gallo, and frying her own tortillas, leading up to these scrumptious-looking tacos.  

The time her and the Kardashian-Jenner squad took Popeyes on their private jet

Just a typical day in the life, am I right? For Kylie Jenner, it certainly is. Her and the Kardashian-Jenner's opted for a quick meal of Popeyes chicken and biscuits to take on their private flight, instead of a 5-star quality meal (so down-to-earth). In another Snapchat video, Kylie professes her love for the bangin' biscuits at Popeyes. 

The time she showed the world her epic Ramen hack

This event definitely caught the eye of broke college students across the country who live for ways to make bland Ramen exciting. In a single Snap last year, Kylie shared that she adds butter, garlic powder, and an egg to her Ramen noodles to take them to Celeb Top Chef level. 

The time she celebrated her birthday with a cake shaped like her own lips

Kylie's lips are a signature of her style, and possibly the most prominent feature she's recognized by. So, to celebrate her 18th birthday she was given a cake shaped like her own lips, because why not? 

The time she busted out her skills on the grill

I can now add "grilling knowledge" to the list of things Kylie has that I don't. She showed on her Snapchat that she certainly knows how to grill up some tasty-looking BBQ chicken wings. Watch out Bobby Flay

The time she shared her fave kind of rings are chicken rings

In April of last year, Kylie documented her opinion of Burger King's new chicken rings for a BK ad. She captioned her Instagram, "My kind of ring," meaning that, like me, she prefers chicken over diamonds. We could be great friends. 

The time she cooked a feast for Tyga

Kylie made all our date night meals look semi-pathetic when she showcased a feast she cooked up for her BF Tyga. The delectable-looking meal included chicken wings, mac and cheese, homemade potato chips, ribs, and candied yams. I don't think I'd ever put that much time and effort into one meal for another person, so Tyga should definitely consider himself lucky. 

The time she scored marshmallows-only Lucky Charms

Marshmallows-only Lucky Charms has been a dream of most of ours since childhood, but Kylie was lucky enough to have that dream become a reality. The company sent her a special box of the stuff after she shared her love for Lucky Charms marshmallows on her Instagram. Idk about you but I am extremely jealous. 

The time she shared her genius grilled cheese recipe

Grilled cheese has been a classic favorite of kids and college students alike for years, although some of us still struggle to actually make one at home. Kylie showed the world her twist on the classic sammie on her Snapchat, which included plenty of butter and a side of Flaming Hot Cheetos (one of her favorite snacks). Commence the entire population trying out the creation for themselves

The time she went to In-and-Out Burger with Tyga

Kylie is just like us —  she even she goes through the fast food drive-thru with bae for a quick meal on-the-go. Unfortunately, only those lucky enough to live in Cali have access to one of Kylie's faves, In-and-Out.

The time she started a cooking show

Kylie blessed the world with all her cooking secrets on her cooking show, Cooking with Kylie, taking her from just a regular reality star to a celeb chef. Learn how to make her candied yams, healthy smoothie, cinnamon roll waffles, and more while getting a peak into her kitchen on her site.

So basically, foodie is just another thing King Kylie can add to her list of accomplishments. Hey, she's already ruling a beauty empire, maybe a food empire will be next. Here's to hoping the next kit she launches is one you can eat.