Lucky Charms is trying to make everyone's childhood dreams come true by giving away 10,000 boxes of limited-edition marshmallow-only "cereal," and I am absolutely here for it.

I've always hated having to pick around the whole grain-based treats to find the yummy, weirdly crunchy marshmallows (originally known as "marbits") in my cereal bowl, and I know I'm not the only one.

Even Kylie Jenner can relate, since she was one of the first to be sent an exclusive marshmallow-only box after sharing an Instagram photo of a bowl full of — you guessed it — marshmallow-only Lucky Charms that her "crew" had sorted out for her. 

How to Get Your Own Cereal-Free Box

If you're jealous of Kylie and her delectable bowl of nothing but 'mallows, there's still hope for you to receive a box of them as well. To enter (and hopefully win) the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Sweepstakes, head over to your local grocery store and keep an eye out for specially-marked boxes of the cereal. 

Once you've bought multiple specially-marked boxes (because we're out here tryna win), find the 14-digit code printed inside of your box(es) and head over to to see if you've got yourself any winners. 

If you're #blessed enough to get your hands on a winning box, Lucky Charms will finally make all your dreams come true by sending you a much-desired box of just marshmallows. Five to seven business days never sounded longer, but good things come with time, right? 

Speaking of time, don't feel rushed to get to the store and buy as many boxes of Lucky Charms as possible. This sweepstakes competition runs all the way through December of 2017. The year may have started out pretty rough, but Lucky Charms is trying to give 2017 a little redemption.

Lucky Charms Knows That #ItWasUs

To get everyone a bit more excited and involved with the sweepstakes, Lucky Charms wants you, me, and all other cereal marshmallow lovers to confess to wishing away those pesky cereal pieces by sharing the hashtag #itwasus.

This hashtag is so hilariously satisfying because it really was us. We whined, we complained, we picked through our cereal, but we did it to get here, people. We did not ask — we demanded marshmallows-only, and Lucky Charms listened.

They listened real good, too. This isn't the first time that Lucky Charms has given away marshmallow-only boxes. In 2015, 10 lucky winners got their hands on cereal-free boxes. Ten winners just didn't cut it though — those 10 boxes only made the rest of the world even hungrier for that perfect, mythical all-marshmallow box. 

Before the year ends, buy at least one box of Lucky Charms. You could be destined to be a marshmallow winner. Or, if you're impatient like me, just buy any old box of the cereal and pick the oats out, because sometimes you gotta kick it old school.