If you have heard, seen, or been to a Burger King recently, you might have noticed that they are starting to sell some different products (I'm looking at you Mac N' Cheetos). Since the release of the Mac N' Cheetos, Burger King has been on a weird food tangent that caught my attention.

Wanting to know more, I decided to check out BK's menu, and I'm glad I did. Not only does the Cheeto make more than one appearance, but apparently the Whopper has taken on a burrito-like form. Interesting, you say? Th members of Spoon UNC thought so, too. Here are more of our thoughts:

Cheetos Chicken Fries

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Raiselle Swick

Opinion on the chicken fry? Gimme more. Opinion on the Cheetos? Where are they? While it's hard to find the cheesy Cheetos flavor in this hybrid chicken snack, no one can resist a chicken fry, so we're giving this item the thumbs up. 

Rate: 8/10


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Raiselle Swick

First off, the Whopperrito was the size of a small/mid-sized child, which makes it a good deal for $2.99. What made it not such a good deal was the fact that it was pretty nasty.

We had a clear consensus on this among Whopper veterans and newbies alike: ew. Aside from the soggy lettuce and weirdly crumbled hamburger, it was kinda spicy. The sad attempt to combine American and Mexican flavors made this one a no-go for sure. Save your money for the next runner up. 

Rate: 1/10

Rodeo Burger

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Even though this is a regular menu item, it doesn't get much attention, and after giving it a taste we want to give it the attention it needs. A hamburger patty topped with barbecue sauce and some fried onions wedged in between a bun makes for a comforting sandwich. The main downside was the artificial-tasting barbecue sauce, but can't say we were expecting Sweet Baby Ray's. 

Rate: 6/10

Snickers Pie

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Okay, so this isn't really a weird menu item, but we just had to try this candy bar pie. Burger King did a good job with this one. A little bit of peanut butter, a lot of chocolate, and a good amount of creme filling made this the rich dessert we expected it to be. The voters decided, however, that it would be much better as an ice cream pie (take notes BK).

Rate: 8/10