People love reading about celebrities, and they love reading about food. So of course, it's been trendy lately for them to want content on their fav celebrities' food moments. Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, for example, have been acknowledged for their best food moments on social media. While Jesse Rutherford may not be as famous as Kylie or Gigi, he has some undeniably great food moments.

For those of you who don't know who he is, Jesse is the lead singer of the band The Neighbourhood, which is one of my favorite bands. You may have heard the song "Sweater Weather", which is one of their most well-known hits. I would definitely recommend checking out more of their stuff if you're unfamiliar (praying for a new album soon), and while you're at it, take a look at some of Jesse's top insta food moments.

When he ate In-N-Out with his girlfriend.

This fits perfectly with his ~California~ aesthetic, which is where he's from. Jesse and his girlfriend Devon are one of my favorite couples and always look so in sync with one another. I've still never had In-N-Out but I sure want some now.

The time he had Happy Birthday cupcakes.

I don't know who these cupcakes are for, but they are so much fun and so colorful! Another thing I love about them: they aren't too over-the-top looking. They look like something anyone would want to make for a birthday. While I enjoy looking at fancy and trendy food, it's nice to see more normal foods as well, and I love how this makes him feel like the average person. Did you notice the mustaches?

When he posed with an ice cream cone.

He put up this picture of him to help promote his ice cream cone phone case, which I own myself. And who doesn't love ice cream? Mint chip, in my opinion, is for sure one of the best flavors.

When he drank some water.

So it's not exactly food but it's basically the same category. And water is SO IMPORTANT. I love water and I have to bring a glass to bed with me every night. Nothing is more refreshing than a nice cold glass of water. Just look at how perfectly the waterfall moment was captured, too. Thanks for promoting the best drink out there, Jesse.

When he fed Devon a doughnut .

Like I said, they're one of my favorite couples. Look at how cute this is. It's such a simple, sweet moment filled with romance and doughnuts. Sign me up.

When his dog ate his hot dog phone case.

The only thing possibly cuter than his relationship is the dog he and Devon own, Martin. Martin got a hold of Jesse's phone in this photo, which has his hot dog phone case on it.

When he dressed up as a damn hot dog for Halloween.

Probably one of the best costumes out there. Clearly Jesse likes hot dogs. He even wore makeup because why the heck not? This is such an inspiration to do whatever makes you happy.

Who cares? Maybe I'll go to this year's Halloween party as a hamburger.

When he had breakfast.

Once again, I love how this doesn't look overly fancy or inaccessible, but it still looks delicious. I want to join in and have coffee and french toast with them. Take note of his nail polish too because as I said, he does what he wants. 

When he talked to a banana.

So silly! Keep that child-like spirit. Sometimes it is okay to play with your food.

When he posted a picture of his cereal.

A reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. Jesse took a moment to 'rep French Toast Crunch on Instagram, and many people excitedly commented it was their favorite cereal. I know my sister is a big French Toast Crunch fan.

When he stylishly ate curry.

This photo was posted when he began introducing color to his Instagram. He had a yellow theme for a while, with this pic as evidence. The bright yellows present are pleasingly fun, and the veggie coconut curry and corona look like they make for a great lunch.

When he photographed his pasta.

A throwback to the days when his aesthetic was black and white. Even though the photo lacks color, the food still manages to look so appealing.

When he captured his band-mates having cold brews in New Mexico.

Another photo from the black and white days. Jeremy and Brandon are pictured here, sipping coffee and staring into the distance like they belong in a magazine. Jesse simply captioned the picture, "cold brews in new mexico." The pic is also from 2015 and I didn't even know cold brews were a thing then. Clearly, they're on trend.

So in addition to being the lead singer from I band I love and half of my favorite couple, Jesse Rutherford also has some fun, stylish and relatable food moments. If you aren't already following him this should be your inspo to do just that. I can't wait to see what he's eating next.