Gigi Hadid is an incredibly successful 22-year-old: She’s graced the cover of Vogue countless times, she’s the face of several fashion campaigns including Versace and Reebok, and she’s walked in the iconic Victoria’s Secret runway show twice. 

Although the fashion community is head over heels for Gigi, the food community might love her just a smidge more. That’s right — Gigi is a self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for cooking, baking, and (most importantly) eating. 

Like a lot of celebrities, Gigi gives the public a small peek at her life on Instagram, including an inside look at what she's eating. Whether it’s a shot of her treat of the day or her annual birthday dessert photos, foodies across the globe go crazy for her food photos. Because of this, it only felt right to create a list of Gigi Hadid’s best food moments on her Instagram. Get ready to bow down to the Food Queen.

When Zayn gave Gigi a pink cake for her birthday

What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday? A pretty pink cake and a sweet kiss on the cheek from Zayn Malik are two gifts I wouldn’t refuse. 

When Gigi took a coffee break and used the opportunity to have a mini photo shoot

Gigi is a latte girl. But the question is: Is Gigi a simple latte kind of girl, or do you think she’s a nonfat, half-caf caramel latte with no whip but extra drizzle kind of girl? The world may never know. 

When she ordered breakfast in Paris on her morning off during Fashion Week 

Having a scenic breakfast in Paris is a dream morning for pretty much anyone, but for Gigi, it’s just a normal morning before Fashion Week begins. 

When she celebrated National Burger Day with Vogue for a shoot at In-N-Out

Who says you can’t walk up to the drive thru? Well, actually some fast food joints are actually really against this. But Gigi doesn't care, she's goes for it anyways on #NationalBurgerDay with Vogue.

When Gigi showed us what a real snack looks like

Proving that she’s the Queen of Midnight Snacking, Gigi posted a photo of a silver platter topped with some fat breadsticks, a jar of Nutella, and a tall glass of milk. Food in bed never looked so right.

When Gigi sipped on a coconut in paradise and made everyone jealous

This is one of those Instagram photos that gives you hardcore FOMO. What’s better than being young, beautiful, and on a tropical beach sipping out of a real coconut? Not a whole lot.

When Gigi did a shoot for CR Fashion Book and claimed "no one showed up for [her] dinner party ;)"

I'm not sure if this is about food or about how gorgeous Gigi is, because this photo makes me forget for a second. Slay that dinner table, girl.

When she won Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef

After trying Gigi’s perfectly-cooked hamburger with pickled onions and a crispy onion nest, Gordon Ramsay literally said: “Gigi, your burger is f*cking delicious.” Getting praised by Gordon Ramsay is what dreams are made of, y’all.

When Gigi made an apple peach crumble

Zayn is one lucky, homemade-apple-crisp-eating man, and I’m only a little (read: a lot) jealous. Pretty sure this dessert by Gigi is actually what PILLOWTALK is about.

When she celebrated her 20th birthday in NYC

Raise your hand if you want to ditch your usual Dairy Queen ice cream birthday cake in favor for this badass, fruit-topped one that’s basically on fire. Yeah, me too.

When Gigi took a bite of a lime to spread awareness for Lyme Disease

Raising awareness for Lyme disease is incredibly important to Gigi because her mom, brother, and sister all suffer from it. She posted this lime-themed selfie with the hashtag, “#LYMEDISEASECHALLENGE for Lyme warriors like my momma.”

When Gigi goes for ice cream, she goes big

If these cereal crusted cones don’t make you crave a kickass ice cream cone, then I’m not sure what will. Gigi had said she's a huge fan of the Grasshopper Pie ice cream at Emack & Bolio's in NYC. 

When her "eyebrows were on fleeeeek" on set so she took a photo with her cute coffee cup

Her makeup is gorgeous, her eyebrows are on fleek, and she’s somehow slaying this selfie with a mini espresso cup in front of her face. Queen.

When she claimed happiness is baking Christmas cookies

Making homemade Christmas cookies is a favorite holiday tradition for so many people, Gigi included. Peep the Santa cookie – he’s the cutest.

When she took a Hollywood sign photo (kinda)

If you’ve ever visited the Hollywood sign, you probably took a photo in front of it. In today’s social world, it basically feels like an obligation.

I don’t know about y’all, but Gigi’s Hollywood photo is definitely making me crave cotton candy. The FOMO is real, even if this is just a fake backdrop for a photo shoot.

When Gigi ordered brunch and showed off a bracelet Bella got her

That bacon is seriously thick, and it seems to be cooked just right, while draped over a pile of fluffy scrambled eggs. Excuse me while I wipe away my drool.

When she made homemade pizza for her Mom and Bella

I personally am really here for the aesthetic of this photo. The pizza looks good AF, but there’s something about the combination of the marble counter, the pizza, and the boots that makes my brain happy.

When her roommate was the best ever and gave her these macarons

As a foodie, the best way to channel your inner Waldorf is to snack on some colorful, fluffy macaroons. Gigi could totally pass for Serena van der Woodsen, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

When she made her famous pies for Thanksgiving

Gigi’s annual Thanksgiving contributions are her homemade pies. While she bakes the sweet pies, Zayn bakes the savory ones. Holiday bae goals, am I right?

When she was in France and got a seriously delicious looking sandwich

This photo will send any travel junkie down the FOMO hole. The French do not mess around when it comes to sandwiches, and this ham and cheese on a baguette has me longing for one of my own.  

When she made everyone else's ice cream on Instagram look pathetic

I was super impressed by the scoopage on what I originally thought was one cone, but I think there’s an ice cream illusion going on here. Either way, it’s making me want to scream for ice cream.

When she celebrated her 19th birthday with Coldstone Creamery's ice cream cupcakes

Gigi honestly does pick the best birthday desserts. I didn’t know that Coldstone cupcakes were a thing, but now that I do, I know what I want for my next birthday.

When she had an apple spice tea while watching the sunset

This photo is exactly how I want all of my days to end. A cup of something yummy, a cozy blanket, and a breathtaking view is all I need. I think Gigi is my spirit animal. 

If these 23 food moments on Gigi Hadid’s Instagram just weren’t enough to fuel your food-loving soul, don’t you worry. I’m sure she won’t keep us waiting long for her next epic food shot. Will it be of her discovering a new favorite burger? Will she be driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? I can’t say for sure, but I’m stoked to find out.