This 21-year-old has graced the cover of Vogue over a dozen times, strutted the runway for dozens of fashion shows, dated the hottest musicians, and most recently kicked some serious ass. But one fact that is often times overlooked by the media is this supermodel's love for food, and I love her for that. So here's my list of reasons why I adore Gigi and you should too:

Cooking is Her Hidden Talent

For those of you loyal fans (or should I say members of the #GiForce) this isn't exactly breaking news. However, it should be noted that Gigi admitted this low-key hobby of hers in the same video in which announced that she is the newest face of Maybelline New York.

Her Life Motto Includes Burgers

When she stopped by Jimmy Fallon's talk show in May, the Victoria's Secret runway veteran mentioned that her mantra is "eat clean to stay fit — eat a burger to stay sane." Gigi also stated that when she first moved to the Big Apple, she and her best friend made it a mission to find the best burger in New York by trying a new burger once a week. They came to the conclusion that J.G. Melon takes the cake. 

But Her Taste Buds Are Not as Basic as a Burger

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What makes Gigi one of the most perfect specimens to ever exist on this planet is her appreciation for all types of food from all kinds of cuisines. Turns out she, like other members of The Swift Squad, is a fan of Indian food.

She Found A Man Who Can Cook

Speaking of Desi cuisine, just a while back Gigi revealed another quality of her musician beau's that makes him even more attractive—Zayn can cook. Not only did he recently get her into breakfast beans, but he can make a mean curry and naan dinner. Winner winner, chicken dinner indeed.

Discovering A New Fave Grub Spot Is Her Typical Night-Out

Can somebody pass over the peanut butter 'cause I'm feeling jelly AF. As mentioned in an exclusive Maybelline Behind-The-Scenes video, a typical night out for Gigi and her friends is finding a new favorite place to eat.

She Has a Love for Pasta

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A supermodel whose favorite food consists entirely of carbohydrates? It's official: Jelena Noura Hadid is a unicorn.

Even Gordon Ramsay Enjoys Her Cooking

Yes, the same man who hosts a show titled Hell's Kitchen dubbed Gigi's beef patty with pickled jalapeños and a spiced, crispy onion nest with potato crisps on the side "f--king delicious," a dish which eventually won her $25,000 for Global Lyme Alliance .

She Finds Sheer Joy in Cooking

I guess she's taking cues from that one time she starred in a Miguel music video, but it really is the simple things (pun intended) for Gigi. When asked by Elle back in June what her idea of happiness was, she responded "The things that ground you. For me it's art and cooking, for example...That's when I'm the happiest."

Her Dream Job Is To Have Her Own Cooking Show

Don't believe it? There's video and written proof.

Cupcake Wars Is One of Her TV Guilty Pleasures

Same, Geej, same.

She is also a fellow Ina Garten devotee

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Like many ladies in her famous friend's elite circle of cohorts (and not to mention the rest of America), Gigi is a fan of the almighty Barefoot Contessa. Evidence is in the recipe which is featured in the picture above.

Sports Illustrated Let Her Pose With Food

I know what you're thinking—who cares if she poses with food? Um, think about it. How many times have you flipped through a Sports Illustrated magazine and seen a model who wasn't frolicking half-naked along the beach, let alone posing with real food? Yeah, that's what I thought.

She's Can't Choose Between Chocolate and Vanilla

Anddd she passed the test. 'Cause every true foodie knows that there is no right or wrong answer to the age old debate of chocolate versus vanilla. Also for those wondering, Gigi confirmed on the Alli Simpson Show that she did end up finding a solution in the form of her 20th birthday cake: chocolate-vanilla marble.

An LA Restaurant Paid Homage to Her On Their Menu

As many of you tabloid aficionados are aware, The Nice Guy is one of the hottest celebrity spots  in West Hollywood catering to A-listers everywhere from the Kardashian family to Kristen Stewart. But did you know that their dessert menu offers a wicked apple crumble that can be made "Gigi's Way," which includes extra crumble?

She Casually Name-dropped Gourmet Cheese In the midst of Reality TV Drama

Secrets, lies, and... Gruyère? When you think of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, gourmet cheese doesn't normally come to mind. However during a guest appearance on her mother Yolanda's former reality show this past season, the Hadid siblings make a lunch of grilled cheese (with the secret ingredient—as Gigi mentions—Gruyère) and tomato soup, which they enjoy with Mama Yo and their adorable Oma.

She Makes Being a Foodie a Family Affair

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Speaking of family ties, if you think Gigi is the only foodie in the Hadid family you are dead wrong. Younger sis Bella is also about that life  as well as their older sister Alana who is forever hashtagging #foodzmything. Oh, and let's not forget about patriarch Mohamed Hadid who can be found at the celebrity hub Il Pastaio when he's not working on his latest, super dope real estate project.

She Understands There's More To Thanksgiving Than Turkey 

When interviewed by WWD, Gigi admitted that she's "the pie girl" in her family, citing rhubarb, blackberry, and apple as her top favorites.  But don't assume she's the only Hadid on Thanksgiving cooking duty. “My dad does really good stuffing and all of the meat, and my mom is the best for buttered carrots and cranberry Jell-O, or whatever you call it. Bella does dessert. Anwar just eats and I do pie,” she mentions.

She Does Not Shy Away From Breakfast

"Eggs with toast... with bacon, extra crispy...with a side of Froot Loops and... Cinnamon Roll Waffles."

And The Last Thing She Does Before Bed Is Eat

My kinda girl.